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Winter Flight Cancellation in Canada

Flight Cancellation

Have you ever been stuck with a flight cancellation? There you are in your shorts and sunhat ready for the beach. When suddenly those big red letters show up on the flight board – DELAYED or even worse CANCELLED!

As we prepare for a vacation to Cuba I can’t help but to worry, are we going to be delayed or cancelled?

Flight Cancellation Common in Canada

If you are flying from a country such as mine, Canada, this is a very real possibility between December and March. Planning that well-timed vacation is like winning the weather lottery, it’s all a game of chance.

What now? Where do you go for help, what do you do? From Canada, the top airports are Toronto Pearson, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa. Flying from one of those is like someone giving you the first number in the winning lottery ticket your chances just got better. But, should you be flying from Saskatoon, Halifax or Abbottsford it’s more like a fixed system and just when you think you have all the lottery numbers they change the game.


What to do at the airport?

So, again, now what? Most airports are full of restaurants and have plenty of places to eat or drink if you feel like drowning your vacation sorrows at the bottom of a beer glass. But, maybe this is an appropriate time to fit in some exercise.

Yep, I know what your thinking the semi-adventurous travelers aren’t big on exercise. I am more the drink my sorrows away. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you can’t take a walk around the airport maybe do some window shopping. Below are the top two airports you may get stuck in.

Toronto Airport during Flight Cancellation

Toronto is Canada’s busiest airport with over 41 million passengers coming and going. Did you know that the Toronto airport is also a cultural hub, with Permanent and Changing art exhibitions all the time? So, expand your cultural side and take in some art.

Flight Cancellation
Art Exhibition in Toronto

Don’t forget to load the laptop or iPad up with some movies to watch Toronto has free WIFI.

If you’re bored hope on the train that runs between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 and check out what’s over there. Fun little ride to keep the kids busy but you will have to leave the departure area and then go back through security so make sure you have time.

I recently found on one of my early morning flights a new way to pass the time in Toronto. Warning if you have a gambling issue do not start this. In the departures lounge is these great iPads with games you can play. I started a game of blackjack. Then had to keep going because the more you win the more points you get. Then you can turn those points in for free stuff. Again, another warning I played for an hour and a half and all I got was peanuts.

Flight Cancellation
Toronto Airport Lounge

And according to TripAdvisor there are many things to near the airport if your delay is long enough, check it out,


Vancouver Airport during Flight Cancellation

If you find yourself delayed on the far west coast, there’s more to do than just sit around looking at the ocean.  Why not go on a self-guided tour of the airport, follow this link   to get the map. Explore art and architecture at the airport.

You’re a shopper you say, well no worries Vancouver has you covered with McArthur Glen Designer Outlet Vancouver Airport. Get everything you need or want for that vacation.

Great shopping in Vancouver

If you have a camera handy don’t forget to get some amazing mountain pictures. YVR is perfect for that.

Flight Cancellation
Mountain backdrop in Vancouver

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  1. Gosh I wish our airports were this kitted out! Melbourne airport is shocking during delays haha nothing to do!

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