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Why walk the Camino de Santiago?

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Should you still walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela? It has been glamorized by Movies, books, and even UTube, it has been portrayed as a torturous walk not for the weak at heart, the answer is Yes!

It has grown in numbers from 1986 there were 2,491 pilgrims to 2017 with over 300,000 pilgrims. You will see the biggest spike in 2010 which was a holy year but also the year the Movie The Way was released. But does that mean you shouldn’t walk? My husband and I walked from Pamplona to Santiago in 2013 and it all started in 2010 with a newspaper article.

I read a story about the Way in the Vancouver newspaper while I working half a country away from my husband.  A lady was going to walk it and the article outlined all the details of her walk and preparation. From that moment I knew I had to walk it. I don’t know why and to this day still don’t know why. But it called me. I am not religious and not sure what the draw was but I knew it was something I had to do. So the first book I read was What the Psychic Told the Pilgrim. The book only reinforced my desire to go.

I still have that article saved as a reminder that even in the most unlikely ways you can find inspiration for your next journey.


Three years later…

I finally convinced my husband to walk The Camino with me for approximately 600 Km’s across Spain. I am not going to tell you about our packing or our unorthodox training you can read those articles, I am going to talk about the why? Why did we go? I think it was a test of my inner strength and maybe a bit to prove to my husband I could do it. I know what it was initially, to make sure I didn’t end up lost in the countryside of Spain or even worse hurt which I did anyway.

Reasons Why to walk the Camino?

Why should you walk the Camino? There are many thoughts on this with the most popular being for religious reasons, are you Catholic? Do you believe in God? There were many devout religious walkers and I respect their choice but it’s not everyone’s reason why.

Did I get blisters, yes? Did I get tired, yes? Was I worried about walking that far, yes? But, did I find an inner strength in me I didn’t know I had, YES. Did I meet some amazing people that will remain friends forever, yes? And most importantly did I regret it, no. Furthermore, would I do it again and that is a big resounding yes.

Your reason could be as simple as I have the time and it sounded interesting. Or it could be for fitness, see the country, and learn the language. There are so many reasons why. I cute story, I met two girls who told us they were walking to Santiago they were a bride to be and her maid of honour walking this final trip as a single woman to meet her future husband in Santiago to walk the remaining way to Finisterre to get married.


You don’t have to have a defined reason to walk the Camino, it’s something that almost anyone can do. I loved it so much I became a travel agent and now am taking a group of up to 10 people back as a group for a walk. Find out more about the 2019 Walk with Oh What a Journey HERE.


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