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What’s with the hills?!?

By on September 1, 2013

Sept 1, Puenta La Reina
18.2 km, start 7:30 am – 4:00

This morning was late start. Mostly because we hurt like hell! We decided to get the Pilgrim’s breakfast because we didn’t find anything open yesterday until lunch. It was crummy toast, crummy coffee and tiny Orange juice … For 5 euros EACH!!! Oh well.

The walk out of town was tough but do able. We stopped to buy out shell that ID’s us as Pilgrim’s on the way out. And we get to drink free wine out of it tomorrow!

We had a nice walk until we ran into another hill. At least this one didn’t tease us with the top in view. It was a nice snake like path to the top but really took the wind out of yes early. We did meet 2 nice couples while I was putting some moleskin in my baby toe. More on both later.

After the crazy climb of there was some down hill time of course. This is where Michelle’s problems come in. Her blister was getting worse. Thankfully another town was coming up.

So far one if my highlights was the town of Maneru. We found a fountain to full our water bladders (did I forget to mention I ran out of water yesterday?) and met some ladies from Italy and our friends from the bottom of today’s HILL. We had a nice little rest and chatted a bit in the shade while I worked on my feet.

The next town, Ciraqui had its moments but wasn’t too but. There were a few up and downs for our sore feet. We had a snack, I bandaged my toe and Michelle’s then hiked up a 45 degree street. Not what we needed, then back down again. And the next 5.7 seemed to be all hills for our sore, aching feet and bodies. The last push seemed like the Devil himself was testing us on this holy pilgrim quest … But we made it to Lorca.

We had another simple meal of Ham & cheese sandwiches and set out. This time the path seems to be cooperating and even if it was hot.

Just before the next town Michelle brought up that the Hill friends were staying in the next town, not Estella like we were aiming for. After a VERY short discussion we decided to ends early in Villatuerta with our hill friends.

We had had a nice night here. We went to two bars and had some interesting conversations at the second bar to learn how to say “hot”.

We came back to find out hill friend dick playing guitar and singing while we blogged. All in all and good end to a tough day.

Hopefully blog again tomorrow.

Burn Camino!


September 1, 2013

September 3, 2013

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    Gwen Jess

    September 3, 2013

    OMG you two…I am aching and swearing and crying all for you…but what an experience to say
    “I did this!!” I don’t know how you keep on going already but I raise my “beer glass” to ya!

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