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What travelling over age 40 looks like

What does travelling over age 40 look like? Maybe you consider yourself an older traveller or better yet an experienced traveller? Do you find travelling over the age of 40 is different? I feel so much older when I travel now, but maybe it’s my experience that makes me understand what I need to do. I slowly realized the little things changed as I aged and not always for the best. Travelling is not just a young person’s game, more and more over the age of 40 are embarking on adventurous or in my case semi-adventurous travel.

Travelling over age 40 needs time

These experiences as an older traveller are my own and you may relate to a few of them and I would love to hear your stories. First, I find I need more time, for everything. From packing, to getting to the airport to staying in my destination, just more time. I am obviously a bit slower than I once was and find I like to take my time more now. I realize there is no rush, but I still like to arrive at the airport the required 3 hours min before an international flight.

The seven-day vacation is just not enough anymore. I used to do the one-week vacations but when you think about it that translates to only 5 full days of vacation with two travel days. Now I only book 9 or more days which give me at least seven full days of vacation.

Peru Traveling couple Journey
Our Journey is just starting

Travel Space

I also need more space, and not just because my own size has grown a bit since I was younger, who likes to be crowded? The crowds seem to bother me just a bit more now. I don’t want to be jammed in the middle or window seat anymore. Jeff and I now prefer to get two isle seats across from each other so we can get up and move when we need to. I can also stretch my legs to the isle if I need. This also allows me my bathroom breaks on my time, which at my age is also more frequent.

Couple Traveling
A free isle seat is the dream

Travel over age 40 needs lists

Back in the day when I could just wing it, throw my clothes into a suitcase and head to the airport and I was great. Now I have a list for everything because face it I will forget something. List for clothes, list for medications, list for documents needed, you name it. I also started making list on my trips of things we forgot so we can add them to the regular list for next time, it’s a never-ending list.

Travelling over age 40
Taking notes on the Ipad.
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