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What to expect when travelling in Canada Series

Travelling in Canada

Part 1: Travelling to Canada – West Coast

So, you’re going to be Travelling in Canada the True North Strong and Free. OK, here are some valuable tips, advice, and suggestions to help you along the way. Being a native Canadian and having visited every province except the Northwest Territories I can offer an inside look at what to expect, where you should go and what time of year is best. I am going to share with you over the next couple of posts the most popular destinations and a couple unique ones to consider.

Canadian Provinces

Yes, we have provinces not states and there is only 10 of them with three territories. Our country spans from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast all the way up to the Arctic Circle. Therefore, you can see the country is huge. I have seen people make the mistake when Travelling in Canada and staying in one province and thinking they can just zip over and visit another. Not very realistic for Canada. It’s not like England where you can drive across the whole country in a few hours.


West Coast – British Columbia

  • When is the Best time of year for warmer weather – April to October
  • West Coast Winter – January to March
  • Activities and places to visit – Skiing in Whistler and Foodie wonderland in downtown Vancouver, hiking is fabulous mountains everywhere and so many trails to find. BC even has a desert.

The west coast of British Columbia is a fantastic place to visit. I had the opportunity to live in Vancouver for 18 months while working for the 2010 Olympic Committee. While I was there I also got to travel around a bit. Although the top destinations for BC are Vancouver, Victoria, and Whistler, I would also like to throw in Kelowna and Tofino. BC has some of the best weather in Canada year-round it doesn’t get too hot in the summer and doesn’t get too cold in the winter…usually! Vancouver is the third largest city in Canada and has a very diverse population as it is a popular immigration city. Although you may find most parts of BC to be rainy you will also find a desert and bouts of heavy snow the further north you go.

For a look at visiting Vancouver during the Olympics in 2010 check out 2010 Olympic Vancouver Vacation


Transportation while Travelling in Canada

There are two major airlines that can get you across the country, Air Canada and West jet. Although there are a few smaller airlines like Porter or Flair as well.  You will be surprised at the cost of a flight from one side of Canada to the other. Very expensive!

If you are travelling in Canada as a backpacker and like to use a bus as an alternative it is possible with Greyhound but again it is very long rides. Another option includes train, our Via rail system is very extensive and you can get cheaper trips this way.

In addition to traditional transportation, the west coast offers a The Great Canadian Rockies Train ride called The Rockie Mountaineer. This is one we would love to get to one day so if you’re in the area make sure to give it a try, the views are spectacular.

For some great guides about Travelling in Canada check out this site,


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