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Walking To the Bar & Back Again

Spain Camino walking backpack

Walking – August 4th, 2013

25 days to go – Weather: Clear and Sunny, walking 14.15 km round trip. 3.5 hours with a 1-hour meal break.

“The Undermount”; sounds kinda Tolkien like doesn’t it.  Wish I had his writing chops. But on with today’s story.

For an early August morning, it was crisp and even a bit chilly this morning in the bedroom. When Michelle burst in saying it was time to go. She had already walked the dog and was chomping to get started.  We had a different plan this weekend. We drove to our starting point.

Now that sounds a bit odd when we are talking about training to walk but bear with me. Hamilton has a Rail Trail that runs from the top of the Eastern end of the Niagara Escarpment down to the urban core. It gets lost among the streets for a while but picks back up in the West end at near Locke St. and runs through a golf course and up to the Top West Hamilton “Mountain”.

A few weeks ago we tried to do this by leaving our house, walking East to the trailhead and then downtown. About halfway down my left hip developed a problem and I ended up limping the last 2 km to the bar for breakfast. We started out again but I couldn’t go on and we ended up taking a bus home. I found out it was probably because my pack had more weight on one side which made me work harder on the left.

So today, we drove to the trailhead and started there.  that way we HAD to go back up to get the van. Clever eh?

WalkingWe started the 7km  walk downtown to the Undermount Bar & Grill, Had a long breakfast with the lovely Carolyn and contemplated the walk back.  What were we thinking? But as the plan went, we had no choice so off we set once again uphill and all was good. We paid more attention to packing this morning, checked our packs as we started walking and used our new water bladders instead of water bottles tucked into the side of our bags. Now don’t get me wrong, I hurt in all sorts of places. Hips, feet, neck. But way better than our last few outing. I think we might be ok and not die our first week doing this.

Just in case you were wondering; I had two eggs, sausage, back bacon & hash browns, Michelle had Waffles.

Until next time, Buen Camino.

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