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Walking Poles, Shopping is the best part…

By on September 1, 2017

How to buy walking poles

Back Pack walking poles

Finding a place to sleep for the night

Using walking poles is just one of the many decision you will make.  So as well as actually walking for the trip I get to shop for the trip. And this weekends deal was walking poles. They are on sale at Sail for $24.99 for a set of 2 telescopic poles. So now I have a back pack and poles, soon will be the good shoes and clothes. When buying poles you should consider the telescopic ones. For flat easy walking your poles should be standing straight and your elbow at a 90° angle. But there were times going up or down the hill that I adjusted to be shorter or longer to help me navigate the terrain.

Tips or no Tips?

You might be asking what is a tip? Well when you have been walking on pavement for a while and all you hear is click, click, click click, for hours you will want tips. These are the rubber covers that go on the end of your walking poles to cover the metal tips. The rubber covers are good for two reasons, first, you won’t drive yourself and every other pilgrim insane with the clicking noise. And second, it protects the metal tips for times when you do need them.

How to Pack your Walking Poles

There are many options depending on the size of your bag and the whether you have walking poles or not. Air Canada does not have anything on their website specifically about walking poles but to be sure call ahead I find that it sometimes depends on the mood of the agent. You may still have to check them when you get to the airport so be prepared. Most airlines will insist that you check your poles. I had telescopic poles so to make my life easier I put them in my pack and checked it. That’s just one way, another would be to just check your poles so that if they get lost it’s not your whole pack.  You can get more poles wherever you land or the next big city. To protect your poles I recommend a hard tube to put them in to avoid and bending or breaking.

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Buen Camino!


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