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Walking an Ontario Hiking Trail

Ontario Hiking Trail – Week Two

Deciding to walk an Ontario Hiking Trail has become the easiest travel plan. Since leaving the province and gathering in large groups is out of the question. So, we decided to hike one of the most famous Trails in Canada, The Bruce Trail.

Bruce Trail – Week Two Hike

We officially started stage two now. For week two we parked down the road closer to the trail. As usual, we go with another couple and drop one car off at the pre-determined endpoint. Then we drive in one car to the starting point.

Bruce Trail
This is the entrance from the side road where you can park if starting here at Firemen’s Park

This week our plan is to walk about 7 km from Firemen’s park, 7 Km mark. And then end at Woodend Conservation the 14.1 km mark. I will tell you when we looked up the spot on the GPS it took us to Niagara College. This is not the spot. Drive a bit further along Taylor road until you see the entrance for Woodend Conservation.

Ontario Hiking Trail
Parking at Woodend Conservation Area

Now, you can park at the front here like many do or drive past the gate into the conservation and you will come upon another parking spot that is closer to the trail.

Week One Opps

If you read week one, I included the screaming tunnel there. I guess I have to write faster so it doesn’t all blur together. But the screaming tunnel was part of week two at about the 12 km mark of the whole trail.

The Screaming tunnel under the train tracks

Ontario Hiking Trail and Off we Go!

So off we go from Firemen’s park around the lake to the right and uphill, of course. It was a wonderful walk through the forest and along the escarpment. We passed some plaques where dedications were made to those who have donated to the trail.

Ontario Hiking Trail
Donation Plaques

You would also think as a semi-experienced hiker I would have prepared better for a blister. But, I did not and ended up with a huge one on my heal.  I did not wear my hiking shoes on week two expecting to be walking a good portion of it on the road. So, I at least had the foresight to bring some Band-Aids and had to stop and try and fix my heal so that I could carry on.


I don’t know why I thought because I was only an hour away from home that I didn’t need to still wear proper hiking shoes. Lesson learned and now I know better, Ontario Trails are just as tough as the Camino.

You may read about me referring to the Camino though out my story. I assure you both are worth the read and time to hike if you can. Check out my Camino walk blog posts if you have some extra time or looking to plan a walk yourself.

Reroutes for Ontario Hiking Trail

There are times when the Bruce Trail has to be rerouted, changed, or even closed. There are many reasons, we found out one reason was due to a new bridge being built. Our old book showed us having to go around a large area mostly along roads (hence the no hiking shoes).

Luckily, we ran into someone who had a newer book and was able to help us. This saved us a lot of time and walking on the road when the trail actually followed along the train tracks in a nice wooded area. It also cut our time down. So walk over the bridge and then hard right into the path again back to the train tracks for the trail.

Reroute On Mewburn Rd

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