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Visiting a Floating city and I hate boats!


Visiting a floating city requires me to get on a boat, not sure about that. I should clarify I like to look at boats, watch them as they go by. But boats and I have a bad history. You see I get sea-sick, and I mean sick like “How is that humanly possible?” sick. So why on earth did we book a trip that requires me to get on a boat and tour floating cities?

Floating City – Boats required

Well, it can’t hurt to try one more time right. Maybe this time will be different. Lake Titicaca is a village built on a lake, small floating home all linked by boat, of course.

Update: Turns out I didn’t even make it on the trip. When we arrived in Puno I got horribly sick and couldn’t even get out of bed. I was happy to tell Jeff to leave me and go do the tour. You don’t want to see me when I am sick.

Photo from Jeffrey’s trip. I was sick even before I got on the boat. Oh What A Journey

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