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Unplugged Travel, Is it even possible in 2016?

OMG, my life is over, I forgot my phone, does this sound like you? Then you may not be able to travel unplugged. What it means to me may be different from others. I have given up my work email for a week or longer. But to go without my social media… Facebook would be lost without my updates about what I am eating tonight or where I walked today. I cannot disappoint so many people. The reality is if you were not on Facebook for a week, would anyone notice. I hope family might wonder where you are. But if they knew where you were and that you would not be on social media would it matter? Sometimes giving it up is the best thing you can do to relax.

Tech while you Travel

Working on Vacation, at least the views great.

But there have been times like when my husband and I were in Spain walking the Camino de Santiago that we were out of cell range and no Wi-Fi I admit it was kind of scary, suddenly I forgot what it was like before phones ever came out, what would I have done before, have I become so reliant on my cell phone to tell me which direction the hostel is or where I should eat that I forget, wait a minute I can ask someone, or try something new on my own without the opinion of the world telling me it’s good or bad.

How I would love to be one of those people who could give up technology for a vacation. But as many others have I became reliant on it for so many personal and now professional reasons that are would be impossible. I mean I get itchy fingers on a three-hour flight.

I would love to hear how you travel unplugged, can you do it, could this be a challenge? Just one day, could you do it? Not too long though we still want you to read our blog at Oh What a Journey

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