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Tulum, Akumal & Snorkelling


Tulum Ruins

Today we booked an All-in-one” trip today. We went to Tulum, then to Akumal beach to swim with the Sea Turtles and finally into a cenote for a chilly dip.
The day started late, we didn’t get picked up until 9:45 by a company called Go Natural Explorers. Our handler was Ada and out driver was Hugo. Both were very professional and very friendly. Ada’s English was very clear and easy to understand.  Tulum ruins

We arrived at Tulum and met up with another guide, Ulysses, and he proceeded to fill us in on the history of the place and people. You could tell he had a passion for the material. He had laminated photos and samples of obsidian to show and pass around. Because we were doing a triple threat day, we only had a 45 min history session the about half an hour of free time.  Tulum Ruins

Two of our group had a quick dip at the beach which is supposed to be one of the top 10 in the world. I think I’ve seen better. Afterward, we did a quick lap along the rim above the beach to take some photos the made our way back to the mini-bus.

Tulum ruins beach

Akumal Beach, Tulum

From there we took the hi-way to Akumal beach. About a 20 min ride. We went to a shop called Pirates de Akumal where we watched a required video about keeping the turtles and their environment safe. Once completed they gave us our bracelets which are required for the aquatic park. Ada and Hugo took us to the water and took us out to see a dozen turtles, some sting rays and various fish. We stayed inside the reef because the water beyond was too rough. All in all a very good outing. We had been 3 years earlier and the water was more cloudy and we seen only a few turtles.

Akumal beach Tulum
Next up was lunch and the cenotes Ak Tun Chen. A private run facility. Lunch was a choice of taco, fajitas, hamburgers or quesadillas. All was very good with some muy spicy habanero sauce for those brave enough. I think I ate too much of it. The water was extremely chilly after the hot late May air but we got use to it. The caves had both natural light and additional electric underwater lighting.

Tulum Overall the day and experience was excellent and I would do it all again. If you get a chance I’d suggest taking this one if you need to fit a lot in durning a short stay.

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