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Trying to keep positive on the Camino

Camino Spain

The Camino Blur

So days 3 & 4 on the Camino are a blur. Day three started out great. Michelle’s toe got better, we made great time marching along and decided not to stop when we should have at 15 km’s. We thought we would catch up on lost time and make it to Los Arcos. BIG MISTAKE! The town we thought we could get water and snacks at turned out to be a signpost, that’s it. And our simple remaining 10 km walk was at the hottest part of the day that seems to last forever. I thought the blister on my left baby toe had popped due to the pool of sweat down there.

Los Arcos or Lost Arcos?

I thought this town didn’t exist for a while. We were sure just around that hill it would show up. But it never seemed to. Once we finally limped and crawled into town we checked into an ok hostel.

Good Food, Good Friends

After bandaging up our aching feet we went to find dinner. Down the road, we found Sarah and Francesca (Our Italian Friends) with some Spanish new friends. We then had a wonderful dinner and some impromptu Spanish lessons.

Today we slept in and left at 8 am and you’ll learn that is late. I spent some time to wrap my feet and off we went into the bright sunshine. I don’t remember much of the morning except we stopped in the first town at a fountain where I made my first sock change. A highly recommended routine on the Camino. I ended up changing my socks 4 or 5 times today.

Camino Tales

Next was a small town called Torres del Rio. It was too early to stop for lunch but as I was thinking and talking to Michelle about my “Tuesday group” I came around a corner and there was a barrel with the words Bar on it. Of course, I took a photo.

Never turn down the opportunity to eat, we should have had lunch. The next stop turned out to be another signpost and we walked until 2 pm when we arrived at Viana. By this time we were DONE! Next big decision, do we book into the Municipal Hostel?

Now I titled this about being positive because all my posts sound negative. It’s not. We have seen some of the most beautiful places and sights I’ve ever encountered. The medieval towns and villages are things I’ve only ever dreamed of. They are right out of storybooks.

And those hills I complain about are mountains we have climbed and conquered.

So off for tapas for lunch/dinner and some great sights and experiences!

See what happened first, Camino day 1 & 2 finally arrives.

Buen Camino!!!

3 thoughts on “Trying to keep positive on the Camino”

  1. What a great adventure. Keep up with the attitude and post lots. We’re finding it all very interesting.
    Auntie Lyn

  2. Keep at it my friend. We are following you guys over here and anxiously await each blog entry. We’ll toast you tonight at the Undermount, and we’ll stay positive as you two are in our thoughts.

  3. Keep at it Jeff/Michelle. Enjoy everything and don’t let the little stuff slip by. Before you know it you will be back in the day to day grind and wishing you were still there 🙂

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