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Traveling with a Pet on National Puppy Day

Traveling with your pet? Having a companion with you on the road would be great. But is it practical? Whether you work from home or on the road or take many travel trips throughout the year. Someone to talk to, walk with or snuggle up to on the cold nights…Yep, a puppy can be your best friend!

According to the US and maybe a few other countries, March 23rd is National Puppy Day. This is something many of us think about at one time or another. Should I get a puppy? It’s especially harder of a choice if you travel a lot. As a pet owner, I advocate for the adoption of a pet rather than buying from a pet store. Statistics say that there are 500-600 million dogs including stays around the world and in the US alone there is 2.11 million sold in puppy mills.

Parc Kennedy, Lima Peru, keeping warm by the street light
Stray cats of Lima
Stray Cat of Parc Kennedy, Lima Peru – crawled up on my lap for a nap
Stray dogs of the Machu Picchu Trail
Stray dog of the Machu Picchu Trail

So, if your lifestyle does not permit the adoption of a puppy, consider some ways you can help along your journey. You could share your time in a shelter taking a puppy for a walk, spend some time feeding an animal, playing with or helping clean the shelter, the shelters are always looking for help, especially in some poorer countries. Many receive no financial support from governments.

If you’re thinking about taking your pet on the road it has become much easier now to travel by air, train, bus and even an RV as an option as we did.

Eurail shares this info about traveling with a pet.

In most countries, small dogs travel free or at a minimal charge. Large dogs travel at half 2nd class fare (even when traveling with a passenger in 1st class). Often, dogs are required to be kept in a traveling container or must wear a muzzle and a leash.

In some countries, dogs aren’t allowed on trains. Special provisions may be applicable to guide dogs for the blind.

I also found a great blog that outlines all the airlines that allow dogs on the plane, in the cabin and cargo and information, check it out.

If you’re like me and starting the freedom lifestyle and building a life as a nomad having a pet is a big consideration, we have a German Sheppard mix which we adopted about 4 years ago when travel was something we only did once or twice a year.

Traveling in an RV

So, how do you travel with a dog who is a bit bigger than a poodle? We started with a road trip through the US from Ontario to Texas and back in an RV. It was a great trip stopping at KOA’s along the way who all have a leash-free fenced in dog area and are very animal-friendly. The RV left lots of room for the dog to roam around and nap and if we wanted to go to any sites or tours we could leave her in the RV with the air conditioning running with no worries, besides who would go into an RV with a German Sheppard.

Gates of Graceland
Gates of Graceland, Had to stay outside for this tour
Graceland stop, nothin but a hound dog
traveling by RV
I think you’re going the wrong way
Route 66 rest stop
Route 66 rest stop, Luna just had to have her picture taken
RV with dogs
Taking a break, traveling by RV with two dogs

Our plan for the next two years before we can give up a permanent residence to live is to travel for extended periods 3-4 weeks where the dog can be left with family.

What are your plans for the family pet? Do you travel with a pet now we would love to hear how you do it?



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