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Traveler Dreams do come true – eventually!

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I started dreaming of being a full-time traveler when I was in Spain in 2013. It all started as a dream. I was walking 600 plus KM across Spain, at the time I wasn’t really sure my husband was going to go for it. Turns out he eventually warmed up to the idea. That meant if he did this then anything was possible.

So there I was walking the Camino stopping at all the cutest hostels in Spain. Then I thought about running a hostel. I could do that! It would be so great to meet people from all over the world and live the vacation life. Some of the hostels were just small ones only 10 – 20 beds. Although there was some that were so big, over 100 beds that I thought there is no way I could that.

Then the real world woke me up again and I had a job to go back to. My husband had a job with great benefits, was I really going to give it up. I will someday, I think the desire is there but the fear is winning for now.

Not then, but maybe now!

I did some research and found a great article, that was realistic but positive about running a hostel.

How long do I have to say, maybe next year or when we retire at 55 or 60 years old. Do I really want to wait that long, I am no spring chicken at 43 but still, isn’t time we lived life for us? I am not sure it if will be a hostel or a campervan or a car with a tent. But someday I know it will be something that takes me to new and exciting places.

Traveler Tales

What pushes you to make that leap and just go for it?

I would love to hear from any of my followers or anyone out there if you run a hostel as an expat how did you start and what advice do you have for those of us still dreaming.

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