Travel Photography Tips, Tricks & Info.

By on January 7, 2018

Welcome to my Travel Photography Tip & Trick page.Travel Photography Tip, Trick & Info.

What is photography?

At its core, it’s a recording of light. Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it. Of course, it’s more complicated than this, but it’s at the heart what you are doing. You also take photos for many different reasons as well but try to keep this idea in mind.  The way light reflects off of your subject is what makes your pictures happen.

If you have spent any time checking out our website, you have noticed that we like to take photos. My love of photography started when I took a class in high school and developed my first picture. It was pure magic, the image slowly appearing on the blank page in the red light. This was back in the days of film when you had an actual darkroom, and you printed your photos. Now you can see a tiny preview of your photos, fix them on your computer and never have to get chemical stains on your hands to have a custom print.

Travel Photography

Since starting this blog, we have been asked many times why we don’t offer photography tips and information. Therefore, this Travel Photography series is meant to fix that. Over the next year, we will cover a wide range of topics. I’ll try to keep most of this simple and straightforward.

They say the best camera is the one you have with you. Now I am going to show you how to take that a step further with some easy to remember tips and tricks for Travel photography. We will cover things like composition, choosing a camera, taking sharper photos, types of photography files and using flash photography.

Example of the Rule of Thirds Example of the Rule of ThirdsExample of the Rule of Thirds of Composition

Example of the Rule of Thirds


Our first topic: Composition

The first topic we are going to tackle is Composition. I think the first question most people want to know is; “how do you take a good picture?”  There are a lot of ways to explain, but I’m going to start with four simple composition rules.

Next: Choosing a Compact Camera

Next, we are going to look at what you want to look for when you are buying a Compact Camera to travel with.  This isn’t about buying a big expensive camera; it’s for the type you might want to take to the beach or that you can stick in your pocket.  I know everyone carries a phone that can take great pictures but this will help up your game a bit.

More to Come…

As I said in the opening paragraph, I plan to continue with more pointers over the next year to help improve your photos.  Please check back each month to read more (or each week if we can get them ready in time).  Better still, subscribe and get them send as soon as they are ready.

Thanks for joining us and happy travels.


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