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Travel more – don’t underestimate the all-inclusive

Travelling or Running away from home?

I want to travel more but still work full time. Remember when you were a kid and things didn’t go your way so you ran away from home. You probably didn’t get too far, maybe a friend or grandmas and all you took was your favourite stuffed animal and snacks.

You are all grown up and you have a passport, you can go much further now.Travel more

Have you ever felt like just running away from home? Me too. All the time. I want to travel all the time. I have seen people do it so I know its possible. However, I have lived a comfortable life until now and that means I have debt like many others. So as an adult I know better not to just run away. Nevertheless, wouldn’t it be great?

Travel more – Bloggers have it all!

Not really or at least not yet. They think because I am a travel blogger I must be jet-setting all over the world, maybe someday. Like many who start out, it is slow and sometimes a painful process before you can say goodbye to the shackles of permanent address.

I live vicariously through my writing, talking about places I have been or places I am going too. All in the hopes that someone wants to know about it as well. It’s a dream of many to be able to travel when they want, where they want but very few of us actually take the leap.

Don’t Underestimate the All-Inclusive

OK, so I can run away for a week at a time, to the all-inclusive resort. There I will be pampered and fed and given wonderfully coloured drinks to match my every mood. Depending on the time of year you can find some great deals to get away for a week. If you can I recommend 9 days if possible. This way you get two travel days and then 7 full days to enjoy.

I have been to many and it is always the perfect break from reality because face it ladies how often do we just lay around drinking and eating all day? Guys, don’t answer that you will be in trouble!

But, what about adventure, mystery, intrigue? I am a semi-adventurous traveller and like those things, just not too much. So, I wander off the resort shopping or a little too far along the beach. All to my husband’s annoyance of course. He like safe and secure, and a pool bar.

How do you fit a little adventure into your vacations? Are you a wild one who skydives and bungees jumps or do you find everything you need in your home country? Although we do Scuba dive, check out our adventures in Punta Cana, Open Water dive tests.

Coming up Puerta Plata, the Dominican Republic! Stay Tuned to Oh What a Journey

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