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My Top 5 Travel Blog Mistakes

Ever thought, I’m making Blog mistakes, but I don’t know what they are? I took a hard look at what I am doing and what needs improvement to help me avoid Travel Blog Mistakes. After reviewing my blog I came up with these top 5 that will help me have a better blog.

Blog Mistakes


The fear of blog mistakes is what was holding me back. I waited too long for my blog to be perfect before starting. Don’t wait for perfection, the longer that I waited the longer it takes to build a following and a voice.

Taking photos

Blog Mistake
At Least my husband carries a camera

Although I like being in the moment on my trips I often forget to pull out my camera. My biggest blog mistake is not taking enough or any photos when I travel. I often write a blog and wish I had the photo to add. See our post on Buying a compact Travel camera, because the best camera is the one you have with you.

Taking Notes

Ever see something or hear a piece of priceless information and think, I can remember that. Well, I can’t I need to write it down but so often I don’t have anything to take notes with.  I have such a fear or getting information wrong that I just leave it out of the blog post. I now carry a mini journey book with me all the time for notes.

Blog Mistakes
Taking notes on the Ipad.


After all of our travels, I have great intentions of writing amazing blogs that can be used for weeks based on one trip. Frequently I fall short, procrastinating or writing one gigantic blog that just takes too long.

Learning to break it down into smaller posts so you have more content can be a challenge but will help avoid this blog mistake


I am my own travel blogger, I want to stand out on my own. We should stop comparing our blog to those that have been around for over 10 years.

Remind yourself it takes time, hard work and lots of mistakes to get there. Imagine in 10 years people will be comparing their site to yours.


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