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Tips on How to Camp with a Dog

I always wondered how to Camp with a Dog. When we adopted our dog we weren’t sure we would be able to take her camping, she is a rescue and not always the friendliest dog when you first meet her. You might even say she is downright scary. But once she gets to know you she’s fine.


So how do you Camp with a Dog that can’t be left alone or off leash? We started with tent camping and just figured one of us will always be at the site, not too bad. When camping our goal is to relax and enjoy nature. We didn’t hike, canoe or swim very often so it worked.

But, now we would like to do maybe a bike ride or venture further where we may want to go to a museum or go out for dinner. What do we do now?

Camp with a Dog

In comes the Trailer

Camping in a tent had become too much trouble with the dog for us. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done. But our tent didn’t allow for standing up straight and barely left room for the dog to sleep. So we started looking for a hard side camper trailer.

Our reasons for the hard sided vs. the pop are simple. We have a German Shepard who would easily tear right through the canvas to get at whatever happened to be hopping, crawling or walking by. As well our dog seems to be very much an inside dog. She doesn’t like to get her feet dirty. And she doesn’t like to be outdoors for long periods of time.

So in comes the yet to be named Trailer. Search for the right trailer and finding it was a different story (Have you ever wanted to Renovate a Trailer) but we found our fixer-upper. And have already been camping once with it.

The dog loves the table area for her bed and we even find her nosing at the door at night to go to sleep inside.


Leaving the dog in Trailer


We will build up to longer times, but not too long. Although it will be nice to be able to leave her for 20 minutes while we both go shower.

I know what you’re thinking, how can we leave the dog in the trailer alone. Well, she has food, lots of water, the windows open and air conditioning running.  She’s better off in there than we will be sweating on our hike.

I also have a sign when I camp with the dog that I put in the window to warn people. My dog isn’t the friendliest with strangers so I don’t want anyone to try and “rescue” her from being locked up.


Camp with the dog hacks


First thing, how do we keep the dog leashed up without getting in the way? We found a nice long leash tie-up, the metal wire one. Then we bolted an eye ring to the trailer just outside the door. Then when we arrive we tie the other end around a tree about 6-8 feet in the air.

We use a carabineer to clip the dog’s leash to the rope and she moves freely around the campsite. All without getting the leash caught on anything or around people’s feet and chairs.

Camp with a DogCamp with a Dog

Second, we always bring an outdoor blanket that is just for her and put it in a sunshade. Then she has somewhere to lay down and people won’t bother her.

We love to travel and camping will be a big part of our life now and the dog is coming along for the ride so share your stories with us on how you camp with a dog.

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