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Tips for Vacationing without the Dog

Tips for traveling without the dog

Vacationing without the dog, how could we? How many have a dog and take him/her on trips with you? It’s wonderful and sweet but how about some tips for vacationing without the dog?

I have a German Shepard mix and like many of you, she knows when we are leaving without her. The suitcases come out and we start putting our clothes into it. Then suddenly your dog won’t leave your side or decides she’s not eating till you put that awful orange box away.

Tips for Vacationing without the Dog – Packing with a pet!

You know what I mean! How does your pet know what that suitcase is or that backpack? They have a sixth sense or just know you are about to leave them for what can only seem like a thousand years to a dog. So this time, six days before we are going to leave she still has no idea. Our secret we kept the suitcases in the closet and just pile our stuff on top until the day before. Then my husband and I took turns walking the dog while the other packs their suitcase and puts it right in the car. The things we do to keep our pet calm and relax and not think we are leaving them forever. Next, we had our family member come for frequent visits and we went out for a few hours so our dog knew it was ok to stay with them, we would be back.

Who’s watching your pet?

Tips for vacationing without the dog
I’m sick you can’t leave

There are many options for pet sitting. Options like in home pet sitter, doggy daycare, kennels, the list could go on and on.  We use a variety of them so that she never really knows what to expect. Our go to option is a family member staying at our house to watch the dog. This way your pet is in their own home and is more relaxed. We have in the past used a kennel, at first we were against it since our dog has high anxieties. But we have a friend with a top notch kennel, Holly’s Pride and it was ideal. They took very good care of our baby.

What are your pet traveling secrets and I would love to hear of pet-friendly locations especially in the US since I theoretically could drive to most places there?


Meet Luna, yes she likes her bed on the couch

Tips for vacationing without the dog
The dirty look as you pack

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