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Opps, I did it again, Another Internet Ticket Scam

Man, I almost fell for another Internet Ticket Scam!!!

There’s another crazy lure out here in the Wild Wild Web.  This time using our favorite Canadian airline WestJet.  I was enjoying my morning tea and come across this incredible post about WestJet offering two free tickets.  Now it may seem to you wonderful readers that I’m a sucker; this is the second Ticket Scam I have been lured with in a month.  Although WestJet is known for offering crazy promotions like really cheap flight across Canada.  So I clicked the link….

Now I wasn’t expecting 2 “Free” tickets.  What I was expecting was if you bought a ticket for two somewhere they would offer a voucher for two more tickets of equal or lesser value.  That seems fair right?  But nope, two completely free tickets if you just complete this survey.

Holy alarm bells!!!

As soon as I saw there were no “strings attached, just fill out this survey,” off to the google to see what was up.  WestJet has an excellent Scam Alert post on their blog.

“Unfortunately, this is a scam. See WestJet’s blog post about it: Please also delete this post, so nobody else falls for it.”

They also say that during the last steps you are asked to “send a private message to 15 friends”.  Anything that asks you to send any private messages is a chain letter and should scream get out of there quickly and scrub down your browser with strong bleach.

Sample Survey Page
If you see something like this run away as quick as you can.

Being a crazy Canuck and Semi-adventurous, I will continue to risk my browser and reputation to continue to check out these crazy claims.  I guess we’ll see if that Anti-virus program I pay for stops us from getting hacked.

Keep safe my friends and Happy Travels. If you have had a bad experience with a ticket scam or any holiday scams, leave us a comment.  We would love to hear and share.



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