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The Unconventional Camino Ladies


It’s finally time to meet the Camino Ladies I traveled with on our unconventional Camino.

When we started this the first thing I asked was could I write about our journey on my blog. Everyone kindly gave me their permission and I promised to be nice, honest but nice. We started as friends and strangers and soon became a Camino family. This is a phrase you hear a lot when talking about the Camino. But, I have to say the Camino Portuguese is not as much a community as the Camino Francis.

The Camino Ladies


I’ll start with myself since I am the one who started all this. I was going to walk the Camino no matter what. Since I had done the Camino Francis in 2013 and knew what to expect for the most part. What I didn’t know it would grow to be a group of six.

I am 45 at the time of walking, I had a 26-year-old daughter who I found out days before I left was pregnant and I was going to be a grandma. I have a loving husband who follows me on all my adventures.


Patty our selfie queen and one-woman cheering squad. I met Patty a number of years ago as we work in the same industry. But I hadn’t seen her for a long time until recently when I started a new position at the local college. We easily reconnected and developed a great working and personal friendship. Patty was my first Camino Lady to join the walk with me. We talked often and went on one practice hike together.


Sarita was a stranger to me but a good friend of Patty so I knew she had to be a good person. She also works in the events industry like Patty and me.  She eagerly joined our group then recruited Janice to come along. I know Sarita was excited about this adventure and took full advantage of every opportunity along the walk to enjoy it. Sarita knew this was not a race and was in no hurry to beat anyone to the finish line.



Janice was also a stranger to me but a friend of Sarita so we welcomed her into our group. I would describe Janice as the quiet one in our group. She helped with navigating a few times that came in very helpful. Like many of us, Janice had a journey with her and took time each day to make sure she wrote in it. I am not sure how she did it but I think Janice had the least amount of feet problems. Maybe she just didn’t complain as much as we did.

The Camino Ladies: Sweety and Megan (pronounced Meegan)

Now I put these two together since you literally can’t have one without the other. Our mother, daughter hiking team. Sweety (mom) and Megan (daughter) were a great addition to our little group. Strangers to everyone and planning on doing the walk anyway. It was nice just to have some companionship along the way. Sweety and Megan were the ones who shipped their bags and before you start yelling cheaters, trust me they carried their weight in many ways not just on their back.

Even though Sweety was hiking with fibromyalgia she was a trooper. She walked the long days with very little complaining (we all complained at one point). And Megan was right by her side making sure she drank water because I am almost positive she did not drink enough for fear of having to pee in the bushes. It’s ok we all did it and you will too.

The Camino Ladies

Weel. there you have a short description of the Camino Ladies who started as friends and strangers and became part of the Camino Family. I know this won’t be my last one and I hope the others consider another one. I’ll see you in 2023 for Camino Francis.

For Sarita, the next stop is just around the corner!

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