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Are you brave enough to sell everything, basically become homeless and start travelling for a living? I didn’t think that was possible, I mean who could do that and what kind of life would that be homeless… turns out pretty awesome!1923568_7984820772_3555_n

I am starting my journey with this blog, making connections and finding out everything I can about how to be a travel blogger. I admit it sounds scary, you are basically running your own business and disciplining yourself to keep a schedule of some kind. But how do you not get caught up in the relaxation of a sunny beach, hammock, reading a good book.

My husband is my inspiration for everything and he might regret what he started but I promise it will never be boring.297767_10150814489580317_1722519652_n

I have taken my first step by creating this blog and reaching out to fellow travel bloggers for advice and tips.


Share with me your First step; what did you have to do to begin the life of a travel blogger? And where was your first trip?

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    July 31, 2016

    Hi! Great post, my first trip that made me fall in love with travelling was to Portugal, so beautiful! X

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