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10 Tech Travel tips for the Semi-Adventurous traveller

Tech Travel, whatever would we do without it.  Probably enjoy ourselves more I suspect. That being said, these are some of my favorite tips for bringing along all the technology we always seem to “need”. My carry-on is always a mass of electronics and wires.  I’ve used these tricks to tame the mess over the years with some success.

Tech Travel

Pack a power barTech Travel - Power bar

  • Many hotels now have USB ports in the room but there are way too many devices for what they provide.  This way you also only need one outlet and if required, one plug adapter, for many devices. If you pack it in your carry-on you can also be a hero at the airport when everyone is trying to plug into that one plug in the waiting area.

Label your chargers and cords

  • Put not only the name of the device & cord, put a number on them. That way when you’re packing up to leave you can match them up and do a “head count” just like the teacher did when you were in school boarding the bus after a field trip.

If you forget a cord or charger, ask at the front desk

  • Often the front counter has one from someone else’s forgetfulness. If you have an unusual connector you might be out of luck but you never know.

Put your various cords into a toilet paper rolls

  • To keep your cords from getting tangled, fold them up and tuck them into an old toilet paper roll.  I do this at home as well as when I travel.  If the roll is empty (we always travel we a full roll of paper, just in case the location doesn’t have any) you can color code or write the name on the outside to help you find the right one quickly.

Bring a portable battery or 3

  • It might sound like a no-brainer for Tech Travel but bring along a “juice pack” to charge your devices.  A long flight or bus ride might drain your battery. More than once we have forgotten to plug something in the night before.  Nothing worse than being on a tour and your phone or camera can’t power up to take photos. The ones I have are small and can give me enough power to get by. One even has a built-in LED light to act as my flashlight.

Bring a headlamp

  • This might sound like an odd thing to pack when heading off to a resort but many are very dark at night.  It also is useful if you want to get up at night and not wake your partner.  You can use it handheld or wear it if you need your hands-free. You can also use it to read at night if you want to.  I use one when I’m taking photos at night. Fumbling with a camera and tripod in the dark is a pain.

Proof Purchase for Tech Travel

  • Bring copies of the receipts to your expensive tech.  Customs officers might think your iPad or nice DSLR was bought on your trip.  I once registered my camera with customs before I left but now just keep receipts. Something as simple as copies on your phone or a cloud drive works.

Carry a few extra Ziplock bags.

  • Keep a few extra clear freezer bags that you can put your electronics inside of when you’re on the beach or caught out in the rain.  I keep on extra large one that fits my DSLR and a few medium for my iPad and iPhone.  The bags fold up small and I keep them in my beach bag and the outside pockets of my luggage.  Make sure you keep it zipped closed when you’re not using it so sand and water doesn’t get into all our tech when you travel.

Check your airline and hotel to see if they have apps.

  • More places and airlines have apps now.  On one of our recent trips, they charged you to rent iPads if you didn’t download the apps.  Our hotel also had an app you could use to book dinners or to look at schedules for activities and shows.  Don’t forget to see if your destination has an app too.  I downloaded a free city map of Halifax a year or two ago that was very helpful. Just be careful of data roaming charges.

Keep an eye out

  • Be aware of your surroundings and people.  While we are away we sometimes forget that others would gladly take your devices.  Never leave your phone or tablet on the table, keep an eye on your beach bag, lock your stuff up in the room.  Most times it won’t be the staff of the place your staying, it’s other travelers who won’t respect your tech stuff.
 I hope you enjoyed these tips.  I know most seem to be no-brainers but it’s always good to be reminded and maybe there is a gem in here you never thought of.  Try to keep in mind you are on a trip, hopefully as a vacation, so don’t spend all your time with your eyes on your devices.  As Mr. Bueller says “If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”.  Make sure you look up and enjoy the view.

3 thoughts on “10 Tech Travel tips for the Semi-Adventurous traveller”

  1. Great article guys. I love the suggestion to label your cords to make sure you have everything – genius! Technology is certainly a massive part of my travels and my form of entertainment and productivity so these tips are so important. I would also suggest to pack wireless headphones – these have come in handy so many times along my travels.

  2. This was so handy! Great idea with the chord labelling and I absolutely LOVE the toilet paper roll idea. I’m going to put all my chords in toilet paper right now. 🙂


    That’s what happens when you marry a geek, he finds all the best ways to carry the tech gear.

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