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Funny Travel Photos Round up

August 30, 2018

I am about to get real with you about travel photos. Something I have never shown anyone before. As long as you promise to spread it around and share…


Camper Trailer Renovation Part 2

May 16, 2018

Well, by now you know we are in the beginning stages of our trailer renovation. Our first trailer is a 1973 Rambler. We bought it just over a month…


What to expect when travelling in Canada Series

February 16, 2018

Part 1: Travelling to Canada – West Coast
So, you’re going to be Travelling in Canada the True North Strong and Free. OK, here are some valuable tips, advice, and…


What are JPEG, TIFF and PNG files

January 30, 2018

There are lots of file formats used to describe the photographs on your camera and computer. ┬áIn this post, I’ll go over the three most popular ones, JPEG, TIFF…


What to do with 48 Hours in NYC

September 12, 2017

Isn’t she beautiful? I must confess, one of the reasons for our 48 hours in NYC was so I could photograph the Statue of Liberty. Now, it was also…