BeerTown Entrance

BeerTown Public House: Cambridge

This frigid January morning we took a drive out to Cambridge and ended up having lunch at a great restaurant called BeerTown dedicated to, of course, beer. It turns out they make pretty good food too. We made the trip so Michelle could pick up some boots she wanted. The boots were an excellent deal, […]

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Cusco, Peru

Peru: Arriving in Cusco Before Hiking the Inka Trail!

Arriving in Cusco, Peru was exciting and hectic so, much as we said before, we didn’t make many notes.  I have some photos and memories of the first night in Cusco before our friends from Australia showed up. Acclimatizing to Altitude When staying in Cusco we highly recommend the Hotel Marqueses and SAS travel for your

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traditional food

Unique and Traditional Food of the World

Traditional Food from around the world can be crazy, unique and even downright gross, but as travelers that will make it only the more appealing, trying anything at least once is in our DNA! Travel bloggers explore the world and have the opportunity to eat in some of the most wonderful and unique places. There is

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Destination Halifax

Halifax in February

I am going on a trip…to Halifax…in February. Doesn’t sound too exciting, does it? I am very lucky to have a job that allows me to travel for my events. So I get to go to places like Halifax in February to visit the Marriott Harbourfront Halifax. I will stay in a great suite and

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WordPress Travel Blogger

Starting a Travel Blog at any age!

Starting a Travel blog, I know what you’re thinking. I must be young and fit to do the things I have done. Like walk 600 KM across Spain on a pilgrimage or climb for four days straight uphill to see Machu Picchu. Therefore we must work out, exercise, eat healthily or have some secret for stamina

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