Am I Making a Difference with my Blog?

Do you ever feel like your blog is not making a difference like it’s a bad relationship and if you don’t get out now you never will. Time for me to be brutally honest and painfully real. Let’s be honest I can do this because I know that my family or even my own husband […]

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Does Health affect Happiness?

I was sitting in my office one day and it came to me, I wasn’t feeling happy, and then I was feeling kind of sick. Do you ever feel like our happiness is directly related to our health? I do, I started recognizing this a while back. Do you wonder why suddenly you feel down,

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BeerTown Entrance

BeerTown Public House: Cambridge

This frigid January morning we took a drive out to Cambridge and ended up having lunch at a great restaurant called BeerTown dedicated to, of course, beer. It turns out they make pretty good food too. We made the trip so Michelle could pick up some boots she wanted. The boots were an excellent deal,

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Renovate Trailer

Camper Trailer Renovation Part 2

Well, by now you know we are in the beginning stages of our trailer renovation. Our first trailer is a 1973 Rambler. We bought it just over a month ago. It was in very good condition and someone had already started gutting it. That means lots of U tube and lots of trial and error.

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Accessible Beach

Need to find an Accessible Beach? Try Port Dover!

Small town charm with an accessible beach. If you drive about 90 minutes west of Toronto and southwest from Niagara Falls you would find yourself on the edge of Lake Erie in Port Dover. A quiet small town with approximately 6,000 year ’round residents. For us, it’s Just a 40-minute drive from Hamilton straight up

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