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Certified Meeting Professional, CMP

Being a Certified Meeting Professional, CMP for short use to mean something, I am not sure it does anymore. I was certified in 2005 when only a handful of people were CMP’s in all of Canada. Back in 2005 when I was still trying to explain to family and friends what I did for a […]

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Travel and Events 2021?

How has Travel and Events changed? Travel and Events, a new blog topic today. You may have read on my blog about my travels, adventure, and planning. Climbing mountains or walking long distances. But what you may not know about me is that travel is not my only passion. My second passion in life is

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Bruce Trail Week Three

Bruce Trail Week Three From distance mark 14.1km – 21.9km Bruce Trail Week three, heading back to where we left off and knowing where to park is half the battle. So of course, we start out early with our cousins and drop the first car off at the endpoint. Today’s endpoint was difficult to find

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Day 4 – Tamel to Ponte de Lima

Day 4: Tamel Pedro Fins to Ponte de Lima Getting to Ponte de Lima was our goal today, so we set out nice and early. We left at 6:30 am and plan to arrive by 3 pm. It was going to be another long day with 25 Km ahead of us. It was a beautiful

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Day Three: Getting Lost on the Camino

Day 3: May 12th  – Lost on the Camino: Barcelos to Tamel Pedro Fins Being Lost on the Camino happens more than once, today was the first time. Day three of the Camino was planned to be a short one, only 10 Km. Our plan was to leave the Albergue by 8 am and arrive

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