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Suitcase vs. Backpack – How to decide?

By on April 15, 2016

If your like me and have a bag or suitcase for every occasion then, the task of choosing what to pack is only second to what to pack it in. That has to be the first thing to get sorted out before I can be down to only two options, suitcase or backpack?Backpack

Pilgrimage in Spain, Suitcase or Backpack?

There are two ways I pack for a trip. One, where I have six pairs of shoes and one where I only have 2 pairs. Over the years, if you are an avid traveler you learn what you can and cannot live with on each trip. For example, while on a pilgrimage two days into my walk I realized bringing my bathing suit was probably a mistake. So I left it behind in the Albergue.

My pilgrimage to Santiago taught me a few things about what is necessary and what is frivolous. Here is a quick idea of what you really need when backpacking. One pair of pants and if they zip off to shorts perfect, two T-shirts, one long sleeve, one fleece, one sports bras for the ladies (maybe two).


The start of what went into my Backpack for Machu Picchu

After that, the most important item of clothing is socks. This is where I thought I went overboard with 4 pairs of socks – don’t skimp on them you will need them on your walk.

There were a few other items like raincoats and such but pack the basics and learn to wash by hand.


As always the best thing to put in either Suitcase or Backpack is travel insurance. That bit of security will be worth more than any extra undies or socks you bring with you. If you are interested, check out this on Travelers Insurance.



Mexico, all-inclusive, Suitcase or Backpack?

When I go to an all-inclusive resort I have no less than four bathing suits with me. This is a time to splurge on the packing. Within reason of course. Because by now I have learned I really do pack too much.  I take, pants, shorts, dresses and at least four pairs of shoes because you never know. This is your reward for hard treks and wearing the same outfit for four days. I am going to Cuba in 15 short days which is my reward for the hardest trek of my life, climbing Machu Picchu.

So the questions I ask you, do you pack in a suitcase or a backpack and what tips do you have for packing light?


Oh What a Journey!

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    April 16, 2016

    I like to use packing cubes, they keep everything tidy in a case or bag. Alan and I used them on both our Camino hikes and they help speed up the “leaving the albergue” routine by keeping things organized, as well as stabilizing the weight in the back. I highly recommend them.

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    Semi-Adventurous Traveller

    April 20, 2016

    Thanks Tracy, I will look into those for our next adventure:)

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