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Peru Traveling couple Journey

The Journey Begins

Our story of Oh What A Journey begins like any other fairy tale. A princess (me) falls in love with a Prince (Jeff) and they marry. Buy a house and live happily ever after. Until one day the princess takes a trip to Mexico. Even though she had never been on a plane before. A simple 3-star resort changed her life. We continue our journey with new jobs, new places to live. And then a job that sparked the beginning of our real travel journey.

The princess, (ok I can stop calling myself a princess now). I took a job across the country to work for the Vancouver Olympic Committee in 2010, an opportunity of a lifetime. Or what I would soon realize just one opportunity. While I was there I read a story about a walk you could take in Spain.

The Journey continues

This is where our journey blogging really starts with 5 weeks in Spain on the Camino de Santiago. Finally, I convinced my husband to leave the all-inclusive resorts for dinner at a restaurant on the beach. Even more, we took a taxi to the Tulum ruins on our own rather than a booked tour. Then our journey went all the way to walking the Inca Trail and climbing to Macchu Pichu. OK, admittedly the last one may have been a bit out of our league but that’s one more on the bucket list done, it was amazing.

That leads to today and our travel blog, Oh What A Journey. We are not sure where it is leading us yet and what our path will be but our hope is that we can encourage others like us to become that Semi Adventurous traveler whenever you can.

The Journey Always Changes!

Planning a life of travel to be able to work from anywhere is the plan for us. I joined Facebook groups like my favorite Freedom Junkies, followed other blogs, did workshops, paid for a website host everything you’re supposed to do to start.

Steps to our Journey

Step one

Travel Couple Journey
Travel Blogging couple

Come up with a name, all the good ones are taken so we did what everyone suggested and listed all the words that describe what we are and what we do. We decided on the Semi-adventurous travelers since of course, climb Macchu Pichu but not about to skydive, backpack across Spain but not about to bungee jump, hence Semi-Adventurous Travelers. Then a name for the blog, a name, a name I couldn’t come up with a name, then it clicked, Oh What a Journey!

Step two

Build a blog, great news we had one of those. We signed up for a WordPress blog in 2013 while traveling across Spain. It was our only means of letting friends and family know where we were and that we were OK. You can see our writing has improved. Camino de Santiago, What have I done

Step Three

This seems to be the hardest part, build a following. Who will want to hear what we have to say? Who will trust our opinion? How do we get sponsors? So many questions to answer which leads to the final step.

Step four

Build a philosophy. Trust, honesty no matter what, fairness, above all enjoy the life we are given and see the world. The Travelers Journey

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