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Starting a Travel Blog at any age!

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Starting a Travel blog, I know what you’re thinking. I must be young and fit to do the things I have done. Like walk 600 KM across Spain on a pilgrimage or climb for four days straight uphill to see Machu Picchu. Therefore we must work out, exercise, eat healthily or have some secret for stamina – NOPE! You couldn’t be more wrong. We just have a crazy notion that we should be doing something more than working 9-5 for a living.

Travel Blog
A good glass of Sangria In Cuba

I am in fact a slightly overweight 43-year-old woman who finds the idea of watching TV more relaxing than going outside on a regular basis. I eat chips, drink pop (soda) and regularly eat out at restaurants for a delicious burger and fries (chips), sorry to confuse any American or British friends:) Jeff, my husband is more computer geek than athletic sheek.

Travel Blog has to start somewhere

I spent some time on the West coast of Canada working for the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 and worked side by side with many very fit athletic people and thought, I can do this. I started walking and then saw a news article about the Camino and the rest is history.

Then after the Camino, I thought what next? And while we were on the Camino we met two very good friends from down under and one thought about Peru and climbing a little hill called Machu Picchu, well it’s not a wonder of the world for nothing. It’s hard, sweating painful walk for hours (for me anyway). Oh and throw in at an altitude that makes it very hard to breathe. But my motto for the walk, I am not here to win it I am here to finish it, and I did.

My reward was a beautiful sight of a lost city and then a good night sleep in a bed.

Time for lunch on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela
Travel blog
We made it to the Lost City – Machu Picchu

Travel Blog Couple

Quick Shout out to my Husband and co-blogger here Jeffrey Everets for supporting all the crazy ideas I have and joining me on the journey.

Although I am just starting my Travel Blog and love to read everyone else’s I know it is a long road ahead of me before I can truly call myself a “travel blogger” and maybe, just possibly make a living out of it so I don’t have to commute for an hour or two in a car to an office every day.

I love to travel and love to hear that people say OMG and WOW I wish I could do that and some of the Bloggers I follow, Expert Vagabond and The Professional Hobo have inspired me to work hard at it and start my journey in my own backyard if I have to like Ziplining in Whistler, Biking in Hamilton or practice hiking in my own city.

Where have you been or want to go that says OMG or WOW, share your stories with me.

Oh What a Journey we can have together.

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