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Six ladies walk the Camino Portugues

What is does it mean to walk the Camino Portugues? Arriving in a country you’ve never been in to start a walk that scares you.  We’re on a pilgrimage through Portugal to Spain with the ultimate destination of Santiago de Compostela.

On the Camino, all roads lead to one glorious final destination, the burial location of St. James the Apostle. With only a backpack and a guidebook, we head out on day one along a paved road that slowly turns into a cobblestone road. Finally, we get to a dirt path surrounded by fields, farms and cathedrals.

From one town to the next we meet strangers who become friends, learn about ourselves and find our way along The Way.

Our group will walk the Camino Portugues

We are six women travelling together on this pilgrimage over 250 km the story practically tells itself, the fun, the tears the hurt feet are all sure to be a fantastic story that unfolds over 14 days.

It started like all adventures, with an idea. I had walked a Camino before with my husband in 2013. That time we walked over 600 km in 5 weeks.

This time I am going alone, so to speak. I asked one friend to join me and next thing I knew I was running an impromptu tour group of six women. Don’t get me wrong this is what I do and enjoy it very much.

So off we go, planning for myself is one thing but planning for six people is very different, I can’t disappoint. What if I steer them wrong what if I get lost (which I did you’ll read about later).

walk the Camino Portugues

Travelling as  Group

The first order of business, of course, is the flights planning to get to Portugal from Canada is not as easy as you think. Finding the right flight that doesn’t cost a small fortune can be difficult. Luckily I am also a certified Travel Agent so I was able to find the best deal, maybe not the cheapest but the best.  We have a direct flight from Toronto to Lisbon on Air Canada with one checked bag included. Yes, we are all checking our bags.

There are many other options for flights and cheaper depending on what you are looking for. TAp airline is usually cheaper but high cost for checked bags and often delayed.

A week before we leave I get the panicked emails and calls, “I think I packed too much” or “I don’t think I packed enough”. So we walked through what everyone had and everyone was just right.

So off we go to Portugal, first stop Lisbon to catch a train to Porto.

Follow along as I tell the Story of The Six Camino Ladies.



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