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Shoe Shopping Tip for Travelers

By on January 24, 2017

I have decided to take all my experience as shoppers, travelers, and bloggers and help those starting their journey.

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SHOES, every girl’s passion every man’s thorn

But what you wear for the night out is not what you wear for hiking the Camino. Also, sorry Walmart but your shoes won’t cut it. So, whether you are hiking the Camino or just on a day tour and walking a lot, remember your feet’s health is so important.

First, you need to shop somewhere that has a great return policy, here in Canada I go to the store Sail. I have bought shoes worn them for a week found them uncomfortable and returned them no questions asked for a different pair, of course only if you aren’t too hard on them in a week.


On the Camino obviously taking good care of my shoes!

Who cares what looks other customers are giving you. Spend the time in the store hogging the salesperson all day trying them all on. I know this sounds crazy but try on BOTH shoes, tie up the laces and walk around the store. Go upstairs if you can, squat in them, just move like you would on whatever kind of trip you are going on.

Travelers Fashion

Now ladies I know we are all about high fashion. But if you’re like me and hate the neon pink, blue and green running shoes. Try looking at the hiking shoes, they are great for walking, last longer and are generally more durable. And don’t be afraid to look at the men’s shoes.

I couldn’t find a pair of ladies that fit right, they all felt way too tight so for my Camino, I ended up buying a pair of men’s ankle high hikers by Salomon,


My shoe of choice, by Salomon

and they lasted for a 5 week Camino in Spain and then my 5-day hike up to Machu Picchu.




Yep, same shoes on the Inca Trail, Peru

Take your time looking. Its one of the most important things you will buy for any trip because if your feet hurt and you can’t walk, you can’t go anywhere.

More about hiking the Camino here!

Let us know what you think.


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