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Scuba Diving in the Dominican Republic

Have you been Scuba Diving in the Dominican Republic, I have and it is pretty awesome. OK, so it’s not Costa Rica or Thailand or the Great Barrier Reef. However, it is a great place to start.

That’s what we did two years ago with SeaPro Divers in Punta Cana. Jeff and I got our lessons here in Canada but there was no way we were doing the open water test in the frigid lakes of Ontario. So, off to Punta Cana for some certification testing.

Side note, I had been terrified of scuba diving and was only doing it because my husband Jeff wanted it so bad. Who knew later I would come to love it.

Travel Bloggers Scuba Diving in the Dominican Republic

Of course, as travel bloggers, we reached out to SeaPro to see if they would sponsor a dive for us in exchange for the usual social media and blogs. They were happy to have us. Of course, we paid for our open water dive tests. Conducted by Jennifer (a Canadian) and we all passed with flying colours.

That leads to now, two years later and we are back in the Dominican and there is no one else we would call but SeaPro.

Last time Jeff and I went diving in Mexico we both had some issues, I ascended too fast and had some ear issues and Jeff had a ringing afterwards. So, we were both a bit nervous about going out again. We were quickly reassured when booking they called the divemaster and we got to speak directly with him. We explained our concerns and he assured us he would be aware and take it slow.

After breakfast and a Dramamine we were picked up promptly and taken to the shop to be outfitted, everything was there waiting for us and ready. A short walk to the boat on the beach off we go.

Dive One – The Airport Wall

I love the quiet and relaxing vibe I get from Scuba Diving so it doesn’t bother me much that the colours aren’t that bright, because let’s face it’s our fault the coral is dying. But that’s another blog. So we are heading out tot he airport wall about a 15-20 min boat ride from shore.  Once there I am helped get my gear on by the crew and then up on the side of the boat for a back roll in into the drink.

The water is so warm and visibility is really good about 50 feet. So a slow descent down with Daniel our master diver checking on us the whole time. Once we are near the bottom we are off to explore. Following Daniel, he shows us different fish and things we miss along the way.

Guess what, I went through a cave, OK it wasn’t a big one but it was so cool. The pictures are pretty grainy but you get it.

AIRPORT WALL 1, 2, 3, depth 20-110 feet / 7-33 meters

In front of the international airport of Puerto Plata, we encounter a flat plate of coral with a depth of 20 feet. Moving away from shore we encounter the drop-off. This wall goes straight down to 110 feet. Depending on the certification levels of the divers we descent to 60 or 100 feet, from where we start to slowly ascent back to the platform.

There are three different start points and each holds different aspects of stunning coral formations. The overhangs are adored by many divers as larger species are encountered there, like barracudas, manta rays, large groupers and nurse sharks. The wall has many caves and bringing an underwater torch is useful to enlighten the colour of the coral and spot the big green moray eels that rest inside. For this dive, an open water license and dive experience are required. To go down to 100 feet, an advanced license is required. (Provided by SeaPro Divers)

Scuba Diving in the Dominican Republic
Provided by SeaPro Divers
Provided By SeaProDivers
Provided by SeaPro Divers

Dive Two – The Point

Of course, before we could head back out for dive number two we had to have some surface time. So, we headed back to the beach for a quick tank change. With full tanks and an empty bladder, we headed back out to The Point.

Point is an excellent shallow dive site for all divers. Just outside the secluded bay of Sosua on the edge of the east point, Point offers a colourful display of coral and fish. Here we find schools of doctor fish, damselfish, butterfly fish, grunts, trunkfish, porcupine fish, parrot fish and many more species. A dive site for all qualified divers, with a perfect depth for new divers and junior divers.



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