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Review of the Catalonia Riviera & Yucatan

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Catalonia Riviera & Yucatan Resort

Our first trip post covid lockdowns are to the Catalonia Riviera & Yucatan resort. I thought Travelling after the pandemic was going to be much more difficult than it was. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones, or maybe this covid is finally passing. We arrived at the airport 4 hours early and breezed through check-in and security. The longest line we were in was the Tim Horton’s. Tip: that is one of the benefits of taking an early morning flight.

After a thankfully uneventful flight, we arrived in Cancun to warm weather. Not hot just warm. We again breezed through customs and made our way to the full-sized bus waiting to take us to the Catalonia Riviera & Yucatan resort. It took about 45 minutes to drive to the resort. Once we arrived we easily checked in. The front desk staff were nice and spoke very good English. Since we arrived after 3 pm our room was ready and off we went with a bell boy.

Our good vacation suddenly took a turn. Now I should let you know at this point my husband and I are traveling for our 20 anniversary and our cousin and my mother are joining us. My mother has an issue with stairs and climbing so I requested her to be on the main floor and said it was for accessibility. Which she did not get. Therefore, we had to do some changing around and I ended up on the main floor, not my favorite. I prefer the 2nd floor or higher.

Catalonia Riviera Room Switch

As we walked into our room, it was clearly an economy room, nowhere near the standard of a 4-star hotel in Mexico. Ok, we are not picky and very rarely complain so dropped our stuff off and then went for dinner. When we returned and prepared to shower, we started noticing the horrible conditions the bathroom was in. And then we realized this room is more like that dingy basement apartment.

There was no way I was staying here. So as the travel agent who had already emailed the hotel and received a reply from the manager of customer relations prior to arrival. I reached out to let him know that as the travel agent I could not recommend this as a hotel if this was the standard room. The view of my balcony was of construction men dumping cement and mixing and a horrible-looking wall.

I went to the desk to ask for a room change and all I really wanted was a change for the balcony. This was fine and was told I could change the room the next day.

Upon returning, I found that my room had been upgraded to a privileged room, but without access to the resort’s privileged facilities. This room was much nicer, cleaner, and what I would actually consider a 4-star room. It had a marble shower enclosure with a raindrop shower head and a handheld shower head. The room also came with a coffee maker and a stocked fridge with beer, pop, and water.


Customer Relations

After our move, Eduardo the manager of customer relations came to visit me and check to make sure everything is ok and also booked us t a special dinner for our anniversary in the privileged restaurant called Bloved. So, because we moved my mother with accessibility issues was further away from us so Eduardo offer to also move her closer which meant a privileged room as well. She was so happy because she could not get in the show because the tub is too high.

Overall the resort is very beautiful and the staff is very friendly. The grounds are well maintained. And the pool is cleaned every morning.

The Beach!

You have probably heard about the devastating effects the sargassum has been on the beaches of the Mayan Riviera, the Catalonia Riviera is no exception. The beach is covered in it, so much so that you cannot go on the beach. The hotel is working overtime to try and clean it and some days they succeed and some days there is no winning. The smell I hear is also bad, for someone like me with a limited smell I have no issues. Don’t let this dissuade you from coming here.

The Catalonia Riviera Property

The grounds are well-maintained and very accessible. This is very helpful for us as I am traveling with my mother who has issues with stairs. Cleaning the pool and picking up empty glasses are all part of the daily routine of the property. There are lots of chairs around the pool. But the lobby is not very big and not a place to hang out.  That seems to be a thing this hotel lacks, especially on a week like this when the rain is nonstop. There aren’t a lot of places to hang out and read other than your room. The lobby bar is good during the day there is lots of room and the service is good. The music is in just the right volume if you are reading or like me trying to work on a blog post.

Issues we have dealt with while on-site include, room changes. And one of our group members who purchased the privilege upgrade is not getting everything that he paid for. Things like the turndown service at night and reservations at restaurants. Because I am the travel agent and I am here with my group the hotel seems to be responding at first but then suddenly disappearing.

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