Reflections Pt. 2

By on October 1, 2013

A week ago the sun was shining and we were on our way to Sarria. And then the rain started. The last week has been the hardest. Our rain gear was not up to the task, the way became crowded and we are tired and broken down.

Well, it not as bad as that, but the rain did take its toll. Most of the last few days have been a spent looking down to make sure we have good footing and not stepping in cow piles.

Oh, have I mentioned that this area has a lot of cows. We have had a few encounters with cows being herded down the streets and paths. Usually it’s humours and we take lots of pictures. But the big piles can make walking slippery. And stinky. Add a few days of rain and, well you can imagine.

As mentioned before it is getting a lot busier. There are people who are just doing the 100k, there are those who are only doing a week at the beginning and are jumping to the end and then finally there are those who do just a few weeks every year and are at this part and just need this to finish. Where once we spent a good part of the day alone we now find there is only a few moments here and there where someone isn’t in from or behind us. Not that it’s bad to have them there but you notice and it can interrupt your thinking time when someone steps around you.

It also makes for very busy Alburgue’s if you come in late and you can’t alway get your choice and have to wander around with a heavy pack. At this point lots of people are talking the night before about where they booked and what they found to be full. Thankfully the municipal’s don’t take reservations but ours last night was full by 3 or 4 pm. Those who want to power through the last km’s have to find and pay for more expensive hotel rooms.

Once we entered Galicia, I noticed that hot and cold taps in public places disappeared. Everywhere you go there is a single button to turn on the water and its timing and temperature is decided by some plumber once upon a time ago. We did have taps in our hotel a few nights ago and I’m sure I run the place out of hot water just savouring the feeling. In this last night, in our “private” Alburgue they had a really nice private shower stall (haven’t seen one of those for the past few nights), a nice over head rain style shower head and a crummy push button activator. The water was warm but it only lasted a 5 count and holding it didn’t work (like it did for my friend). Not bitching, just observing. 😉

Lastly I have noticed a lot of us are talking about the end. “Can’t believe its almost over”, “can’t wait until we are done”, “I’m not looking forward to the end”, etc.

Personally I’m a little bit of all of them. There are parts I’ll miss (mostly the people you meet) but I’m also homesick. I would have like to do more thing or had more time to take pictures but man, my feet hurt.

I’m a bit concerned about going to the Cathedral square tomorrow. I’ve spent over 4 weeks walking towards it. What if it don’t live up to what I’ve been thinking its going to be? We have talked about how we are going to do our ending. We are going to walk to the square, get our photos and celebrate, get our Compestela’s and go to the Pilgrim’s mass the next day. Hopefully that night we will have many reunions and a big dinner with lots of celebrating. We have a good friend waiting who could not finish due injury. She will be celebrating with us and I look forward to that. We also have have friends behind us who will arrive after we leave and that I regret but wish them all the best and will celebrate from afar.

This will most likely be my last post before the Mass on Thursday and maybe even before I head back to Canada. Once hope I will continue to post photos and thoughts with them.

Thanks for following our journey and hope to have more for you soon. I’m already thinking about my return trip.

Buen Camino!



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