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Do I have to quit working to have a Travel Blog?


Want to write a travel blog but still work? Don’t listen to everything you read on the internet, not everyone hates their 9-5 job. Not everyone dreams of giving up the stability of a job just yet to travel the world endlessly.

If you’re like us who have a travel blog and still work 9 – 5, welcome to the club! It’s a pretty exclusive club though so be proud. This is something you won’t hear often but I love my job. I don’t always love it but the best part its contract so I just move to the next one and it’s better.

Now I am an event planner, not an accountant. I think I may go crazy if that was my job. But you may love numbers and love being an accountant. That shouldn’t stop you from having a travel blog.

Quitting the 9 to 5 Job to run a Travel Blog

Not yet, like many, I like the security of knowing that a paycheck will be there every two weeks to pay for my next vacation. I don’t have to do everything on a budget. Neither do you. If you’re like me and are not in this to make a million dollars and don’t expect the blog to support you financially then start writing. Full disclosure I did recently quit a permanent position for a contract job, it made me and my husband so much happier.

Long-Term Goals

Time to come clean, yes I do want to quit working 9 – 5 but I don’t want to quit working. We’re playing the long game an getting a plan in place so that we can work from anywhere. I can write a travel blog and still earn an income but not strictly from the blog. Jeff will do something with photography and digital imaging possible 3D printing.

I won’t lie to you my loyal readers I would love to have a highly successful blog. One that thousands of people followed and read. But that’s a long-term goal for me. For now, I am happy to provide tips, tricks, and advice on your vacations.

My Travel Blog

Some of you may be new to my travel blog s welcome. Others may have been following me for a long time now. I started in 2012 with my first post which was literally one sentence and a picture. I have gone back and updated this one and many posts since then. That was because I had no idea what a blog really was and how it worked.

Travel Blog
First Picture I ever posted on my blog

We’ve come along way since then. I just wanted to write about what I was experiencing. So I started and so should you. Write because you want to share your story. Write because you do awesome things. Or just write because you like to write. You don’t even have to be good at it.

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