Point Pleasant Park, Halifax Nova Scotia

By on July 1, 2017

Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia is large, easy to hike park and located at the South end of the downtown area. I had some time to kill while Michelle was working so decided to walk down and check it out. It is about 30 mins to get to from the Halifax Citadel by foot. This was good because later that evening was my Ghost Walk downtown.

I walked out of the Public Gardens and straight down South Park St. which turned into Young St. If you’re are looking for a place to walk or bike and enjoy nature it’s a good choice. If you’re traveling with a pet be careful there are lots of signs saying “no dogs”. Mind you I didn’t see anyone paying attention to them. There is an off-leash area but again, no one was following the signs. Use discretion and hopefully you and your pooch will get some exercise.

Point Pleasent Park, Halifax

Young St. entrance


Point Pleasent Park, Young St. Gate


Walking Point Pleasant Park

The trails of Point Pleasant Park are wide and covered in finely crushed stone. All of the paths are named and I found there to be lots of map boards to keep from getting lost. There are a few small hills of the area but it is still very wheelchair or stroller accessible. It is one of the few places I found in my short time in the city that has a nice natural looking “shoreline view” of the ocean and harbor in the downtown area. I found both a pebbled shore and a small beach area near one of the parking lots. Not sure if I would go swimming though, the Atlantic is cold and it is right near a shipping container dock.

The concession stand was closed since it was only June 11th, not quite summer yet. When I arrived at the park there was a food truck parked here but when I came back around it was gone.

Point Pleasent Park, Halifax Point Pleasent Park, Halifax Point Pleasent Park, Halifax

Picnics & Canadian Military History

There are a lot of open areas for the family to have a picnic. I saw lots of groups on the day I was there using the picnic tables and grassy spaces looking out over the Harbour at McNab’s Island. If you’re a military history type, there are lots of old concrete gun batteries around the waterside alongside monuments to those lost at sea or to war. Point Pleasant Park was once a strategic point to protect the harbor mouth from invasion by sea. The Prince of Wales Tower is located on a hill near the center of the park.

Point Pleasent Park, Halifax

The Halifax Memorial ,Point Pleasent Park, Halifax

The Halifax Memorial

Prince of Wales Tower, Point Pleasent Park, Halifax

Prince of Wales Tower

In summary, go with sunscreen on a nice day and plan to spend an hour or 4 in the park. The trails are well marked, flat with small hills and have some really good lookouts.



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