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Photos from the beginning in Pamplona

Pamplona In photos

I have been adding photos kind of haphazardly. I look through my collection and pick one or two that appeal to me at the moment.  Today I’m sitting here and thought, what about the day we began.  So here are three photos from our very first days. They are not the best images.  Taken quickly in the first 48 hours of arriving and starting the Camino in Pamplona.  It was an exciting time and I wish I had taken better shots. And that’s what these are, just shots. Moments captured at a whim.  We hope to go back again in future years, especially to some of the towns like Pamplona and spend some time just absorbing the details.  For those reading this heading out on your first Camino, make sure you take time at the beginning during the rush to get started to look around.

Pamplona Albergue

Our first bunk bed

This is the bunk beds we used in Albergue Jesus y Maria. There are 114 beds in the old town area.  Needless to say, It was a great starting point for our adventure.

Once we settled in we went in search of food and drink and photos. This is where Michelle saw her first naked pilgrim.  I had to wait 3 weeks or so for that misadventure. The facilities were good and modern.  I don’t know about washing since this was our first day.  There was quite a little party going on in the kitchen on the 3rd floor as we were bunking down, but it got quiet very quickly once it was lights-out.





Pamplona Signs of the Camino

Trying to read directions in the dark

This is the signpost leading us to the path. Also, you can see it was a bit dark heading out that morning. That meant we had to keep our eyes open.


The larger cities had interesting ways of marking “The Way”.  Once I saw these metal stamps on the ground I was much more comfortable knowing this wasn’t some half-baked trail. We followed these and the yellow arrows all the way out of town. I remember bits pieces of this part of the trip but I remember it being magical walking through the early morning streets of Pamplona.  


Yellows arrows to find in the dark can be anywhere

To read how we made out follow along here.

Cheers and Adios for now.

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