Peru: Planes, Planes and more planes.

By on December 19, 2016
In looking back on our blog I noticed that we haven’t done any posts about Peru, Machu Picchu.  Michelle has mentioned it a few times but there is no real content of what we did.  I guess this is because we didn’t take very good notes this time and seemed to always be tired.  I’m blaming the altitude.

Off we go to Machu Picchu

We started out too early on a Sunday morning for the airport and managed to zip through traffic in record time, arriving 4 hours early. Toronto isn’t such a bad place to hang out, there was a lot of Data ports and a few places to grab a bite.
The flight to NYC was only 2 hours long and we arrived at 6 pm.  We had a 6-hour layover in terminal 8. I expected there the be much more shopping from all the stories I’d heard but we did end up in an Irish place that wasn’t quite a pub but had a bit of atmosphere.  We had burgers and I had a pint of Samual Adams beer that was quite hoppy. Mostly my problem was there was nowhere really to plug in our devices for a charge. On the flight from TO they had jacks in the TV’s but my wires were buried somewhere in the overhead. I thought to myself, there will be lots of places at the airport. Not.
We left for Lima half an hour late but was an overnight flight. No USB jacks on the plane and weird controllers for the screens that didn’t work very well. This was no big deal since I planned to sleep anyways and after a quick meal napped off and on all night. We had a quick breakfast and our 7-hour flight was ending.
We landed just before 8 and our next boarding was 8:25

Peru Airports

Somehow we managed to pick up our luggage and get past control in record time. Then Blam!!! We were told we had to exit the building and then come back in to get to the check-in counters through a sea of humanity all waiting and pushing their turn. Thankfully Michelle found a staff guy who moved us into an express or priority line. Amazing what a smile and a few words in the native language can do for you. Once again we zipped through and made it to the departure area with a quick stop to get a local card for Michelle’s phone before we reached the screening area. With our little bit of Spanish, it was a place of chaos with guns. But again with some smiling, nodding and showing our boarding passes that said boarding started 5 mins ago we got through quickly.  And boarding was late here too. Its then I remember that Latin countries don’t run like the clockwork we are accustomed to in Ontario. And sometimes that’s a good thing.

Getting comfy on the plane

The last leg was from Lima to Cusco which was another quick hop on a tiny plane.  It seemed like we just go up into the air and we were coming back down again.  Once we collected our bags we could just walk out the doors because we had already dealt with customs in Lima. Just outside there was the horde of taxis and drives waiting for us.  Fortunately, we had a driver waiting from the Tour provider we were using.  Or at least we thought we did…  This was now a lesson on how to use the phone in Peru.  After a few attempts and the help of one of the taxi drivers, we managed to contact our ride who quickly showed up and took us to our hotel.  And the rest is for another post.
Buen Camino where ever it may be.
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    Mel & Suan

    December 19, 2016

    Oh we thoroughly enjoyed our Machu Picchu journey! And lucky too because on the last day we finished our little walk in the morning it started to rain heavily from noon!

  2. Reply

    Semi-Adventurous Travelers

    December 19, 2016

    It is definitely a bucket list trip and so glad we did it, luckily we only had one day of very light rain.

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