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Peru: Pisac in the Sacred Valley

Pisac in the Sacred Valley Peru

Once we had toured Cusco we knew we had to see more of the area. SAS tours offered a Sacred Valley tour so we jumped at the chance.  Písac was the first stop of the tour.

Sacred Valley

We got up early on our third day and set off for the Urubamba Valley along the Urubamba River in a luxury coach bus.  The ride was a few hours long and went up and down the hilly countryside.  We stopped at a market to pick up some souvenirs we didn’t really need. Not being a good haggler I overpaid for a wallet only too late see it in Lima much cheaper.  This was also a stop for using the washroom.  One Sol for the toilet paper but the use the stall was free.  I paid my Sol anyways so I had something to wipe my hands with.  Next stop, the Incan ruins in Písac.


The ruins sit high in the hills above the town down along the river.  The road winds up steeply and I didn’t think the bus was going to make it.  We were one of the earliest trips and the bus dropped us off and then left. The guide said it was for the best and we would walk down when we were done to meet it.  More on that later….


Sacred Valley Inca Terraces

This was an amazing site because it was the first one we saw with all the terraces laid out around it. Up at the top of the ruins was where the royal caste lived with the farmers living below near the fields.  We didn’t wander up that high because we didn’t have a lot of time before leaving for the next site and Michelle and I was still feeling weak.


We did check out the building around the entry point which had been rebuilt to what archeologists think they looked like before the Spanish arrived


These trails are larger than they look, and a lot longer. They threaded between the farming terraces.


The higher you go the higher the status of the people living there.


Remember the comment about the bus.  After 30 mins or so of walking around, we headed back to meet the bus.  There was a huge line of vehicles stuck all along the road honking and trying to head back down the hill. Notice how tiny they look on the mountainside. Fortunately, it was quick to walk past this mess to catch our bus who kept moving down as new cars showed up.  We were out in a flash and on the next site, Ollantaytambo.


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