Peru: Cusco for a Day

By on January 23, 2017

On our first full day, we spent it with easy touring around Cusco taking photos and acclimatizing to the altitude.  We stayed in and around the historical section a few blocks from our hotel but there was lots to see and do.  Did you know they have a Chocolate museum?

The first stop was the Plaza de Armas which is the main square of the area.  It was a straight run down the street from where we were staying, maybe 6 or 7 blocks.  There is a large fountain with a gold statue of an Inca Warrior in the center surrounded by a huge grassy area. While were wandering around the plaza we heard whistles and we noticed there were guards yelling at people to get off the pristine grass. I thought that was amusing. As you can see in the one picture, there is also a KFC if you’re feeling a bit peckish for Americanized food.  I wanted to try the pub but I was advised to avoid too much alcohol while acclimatizing and never did get back.

The large cathedral (Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús) anchors one end of the and was built on some Inca ruins.


Some street views:

This Convent was built on the foundations of the Inca Sun Temple:


This mural was painted at the far end of the historical area.  We found it while looking for a bank machine.


We eventually wandered up some side streets with hills and stairs and found a good overlook of Cusco city.


Hope you enjoyed the photos.  Safe Travels.

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    January 24, 2017

    I was there a few months ago, posted about my trip too. Thanks for the memories. Nice pics.

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      Jeffrey Everets

      January 24, 2017

      Thanks for the comment Evangelina. I’d love to go back and just spend a week there again but there is so much more of the world to see. Happy travels.

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