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Peru: Arriving in Cusco Before Hiking the Inka Trail!

Cusco, Peru
Cusco Peru
Pick up at the airport from SAS Tours.

Arriving in Cusco, Peru was exciting and hectic so, much as we said before, we didn’t make many notes.  I have some photos and memories of the first night in Cusco before our friends from Australia showed up.

Cusco Peru
The cutest hotel around, The Marquesas

Acclimatizing to Altitude

When staying in Cusco we highly recommend the Hotel Marqueses and SAS travel for your Inca Trail provider in Peru. The Hotel and tour provider was only a few feet away on the same street and had the arrangement to work together. The staff at both places were great.

The hotel was an older place with old world charm.  A balcony surrounded the courtyard just as you came through the entry/check in area.  Our room looked out into this courtyard and we used it extensively every morning and evening to have Coca tea for altitude sickness and catch our breath.  Some mornings I still long for the simplicity. They served a simple breakfast but plenty of options and healthy. The first morning I asked if they had steak & eggs or ham & eggs.  The lady nodded happily and I ended up with eggs over easy and toast, but it was good.

Eating out in Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru
Alpaca Risotto Dinner

Once we were settled in and rested up, we decided to go looking for some dinner. The hotel suggested we got to a restaurant called Emperado, up around the corner in the opposite direction from the tourist section.  It was an excellent suggestion and we went back the next night too.  The staff was very friendly and it wasn’t busy at all.  In fact, it was mostly locals which are always a good sign.

After that, we went for a quick walk towards the tourist area.  We went through two plazas but I’m not sure what they were called.  We saw a funny sign with a “no horn” logo in a few places which didn’t make sense at first. After a few days we wish that sign was everywhere, everyone honked for every reason.  The Main Plaza was all lit up, there was a nice park with a great fountain and you could see a statue illuminated up on the hillside. Neither of which did I get a good night photo of.

Overall a great first day, even with the pounding headaches from the altitude.

Cusco Peru
One of the many Catholic churches built over the original Inka Churches


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