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Day 2 of the PADI Certification Dive (Dives 3 & 4)

PADI Certification Submarine at Bavaro Beach

With our Day 1 Dive of our PADI Certification over and done it’s now time for a night of rest and a bit of bragging online. On day two we have dives 3 & 4 because as you know you need four open water dives to get your PADI Certification. Back up at 9 am, coffee, breakfast and ready for pick up by our SeaPro driver at 10 AM. After a short drive to the dive center, we hop on a boat again to head over to another resort to meet up with our new diving friends.

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On day two of our PADI Certification we knew exactly what to do, get a BCD, fins, and regulator.  Today’s skills included underwater navigation, so we also needed a Compas. I was wondering how I was going to find my way back to the boat? Now we have giant dive watches on one wrist we have large compass watches on the other. Our excellent instructor thought it might a be a good idea that we learn to use our compass above ground before we head to the ocean. We aimed the compass at a location and set it. Then followed the arrow by walking in that direction and returning by keeping our north arrow within the correct range. With our compass training done, time to head into the ocean.

Dive Three PADI Certification- Coral preservation learning

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Dive four PADI Certification – Sunken Treasures

Today we are heading out to a new location. The area is still a bit shallow, but that can’t be helped the tide is out, and water levels are unusually low this year. The dive sites were called El Nino in the reef and a Submarine wreck. We did most of our skills testing during the El Nino site visit.  It was where we practiced our navigation skills.  Also part of the PADI Certification is a complete removal of masks underwater.  Once we finished our tasks, we swam to look at where they were growing coral to rebuild the reef. The regrowing of the coral is part of a project in the Dominican Republic to preserve the coral. You can learn more about Coral restoration at Global Giving. We then moved on to a purposely sunk Submarine.  There was a huge Anchor and a statue of Neptune with his Trident. Of course, we all had to stop and have our photos taken.  Unfortunately, we were the last of the group so the bottom was too stirred up for a good picture.  The Sub was pretty cool but without the proper training, we couldn’t go into the wreck.

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Another great two dives completed and now we are certified open water divers. Read about or first dive as Open water divers here, Caribbean Diving at Isla Catalina.

We are always looking for new dive sites around South America to visit. Share your ideas with us a note in the comments below.

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