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Outdoor Adventure Show

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The Outdoor and Adventure Show


A short blog today about Adventure to keep you updated. What’s going on with the Semi-Adventurous travelers? We went to The Outdoor and Adventure show, the one stop shop for Travel Bloggers. Furthermore, it’s a great place to get trip ideas, meet tourism partners, gather maps and destination ideas. Everything from kayaking to scuba diving to finding the best energy bar all in one giant room.

Starting a travel blogging business isn’t easy. Which means making contacts in other countries is even harder. Travel or adventure shows are a good place to start. Walk up and down all those aisles, look at places like Turks & Caicos, Barbados, St. Croix and many other destinations. Then wonder how you can get to all these new places and return to ones you love like Peru and Spain.

Remeber The World Animal Protection o your Adventure

Halfway through the show, we stopped at a booth that looked interesting and I wanted to know more about, The World Animal Protection.  I truly believe in not using animals in tourism such as those cute monkeys you get your photo taken with. I admit I am guilty of doing this in the past.  Although now I know better and will think twice about supporting that tourist trap, and you should too.

We love meeting new people, revisiting some great memories of places we have been, adventures we’ve had and seeing some new unique trails and destinations.


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