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How to enjoy the Ontario Winter Wonderland

In my dreams, I’m leaving this cold, desolate, and barren wasteland of ice and snow that we call an Ontario winter. I forgot that once upon a time I liked winter. Of course, I was 12 and had much more resilience to the cold than I do now. If you enjoy the winter wonderland then Ontario could be your next vacation location. For the most part, it’s not so cold that you can’t get out and snowshoe, ski, toboggan, or many more outdoor activities.

Ontario Lodges

Imagine sitting by the fireplace inside a warm Ontario rustic lodge sipping some hot chocolate, or whatever keeps you going while the fluffy white snow falls outside. A Northern Ontario winter is full of exciting activities and relaxing spas, don’t miss out. Don’t forget your Woollies, mitts, boots and ski gear.

Now I am more of an all-inclusive beach resort kind of person but for any winter vacation. In the winter I want to make sure that a warm fireplace is waiting for me. For those adventurous types, there are many places to go winter camping,


Ontario winter


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