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On to Peru …

By on May 23, 2015
Here we are again, planning our next big trip. This time to Peru and ultimately, Machu Picchu…
It actually began as a simple idea on the Camino.  I was talking to a friend I met, I mentioned we had been to Xcaret in the Mayan a few times and more specifically, we had stayed at the Occidental Grand Xcaret Hotel.  She said she’d love to stay there….
Next thing I know, it was 2 years later and we were booking tours and flights to a “bucket list” destination.  I guess a few weeks around a pool isn’t enough to lure Aussie’s on a 30 hour flight.
So my wife asked around the office and she found someone who had done the hike.  She had used SAS Travel and highly recommended them. 
Last weekend we booked our flights.  We will fly out of Toronto to Lima with a layover in New York.  From there it another flight from Lima to Cuzco.  With the flights booked it now feels much more like we are going now.  We do still have to find and book some hotels.  I guess that will be our next big step for that trip.
In the mean time, we are heading to Mexico next week.  
Buen Camino.

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