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The Mysteries of the Albergue on the Camino

If you happen to be staying in an Albergue on the Camino and in Santo Domingo de la Calzada on May 11 then you may be part of a celebration.

Story of Santo Domingo de la Calzada

Legend tells of a German Pilgrim called Hugonell. He was walking to Santiago with his parents when they decided to rest at an inn in Santo Domingo de la Calzada. The owner of the inn’s daughter immediately fell in love with him. However, her feelings were not reciprocated, so the girl, angered, placed a silver cup into his luggage and accused the boy of theft.

Consequently, at the time thieves were punished by hanging. And this was the fate of Hugonell. His parents, saddened by his death continued the pilgrimage.  Upon arriving in Santiago de Compostela, they began their return journey to visit the grave of their dead son. However, when they arrived in Santo Domingo, they found their son still hanging in the gallows, although, miraculously alive. Hugonell, excited, said to them: “Santo Domingo brought back me to life, please go to the Mayor´s house and ask him to take me down”.

Miracle of the Camino

Therefore the parents quickly went to the Mayor´s house and told him of the miracle. The incredulous Mayor, who was preparing to have dinner with friends, responded: “That boy is as alive as these two roast chickens we are about to eat.” Suddenly, the chickens came to life. They sprouted feathers and beaks and began to crow. Thus, to this day there is a saying which goes: “Santo Domingo of the Way, where the rooster’s crow after being roasted”.

As a result of the miracle, in front of the Mausoleum, there is a stone, polychrome and gothic Henhouse. Built in the middle of the XVTH century to keep alive a hen and a rooster in memory of the most famous of Santo Domingo´s miracles. Below the cage is a representation of the pilgrim being hanged painted by Alonso Gallego. And, above the cage, there is a piece of wood from the gallows.

Here is where you will find documents from Pope Clemente VI dated 1350 allowing these live animals inside the cathedral.

This story can be found here, Santo Domingo Garcia

Cathedral in Santo Domingo de la Calzada.

Albergue Casa del Santo Association

After reading the story we knew we had to stay here.  It had 162 beds in 9 rooms and we very well run by the Spanish Confraternity. Even though the common area was great to hang out and relax and catch up on some writing, it could get busy. They had a large coop in the back with some chickens.  This is one of the towns we hope to come back to someday.  Regardless of the rainy weather, we enjoyed ourselves at this Albergue,

Casa del Santo Albergue


Santo de la Calzada Albergue

Common room with kitchen area

Santo de la Calzada Albergue
Comfy chairs and couches for reading and writing

More on accommodation of the Camino found here.

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