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The Local Traveler in Hamilton

Hamilton Harbour Bridge

Although Hamilton is my home, it’s also where we, The Semi-Adventurous Travellers began our journey. It’s where we grew up, hung out had picnics and fell in love with being a tourist. And like many bloggers you know your city better than anyone else, at least you think you do? As a local when was the last time you visited your local museum, took a stroll in the community gardens? Exciting things to see and do are all around you if you look. Do you remember as a kid the thrill of a field trip from school, it didn’t matter where you were going because it was new and exciting. Have you ever thought I should go there one day and one day just never came? Todays the day, head out and explore your city!

How to be a Local Tourist

Start with your tourism office, they will have maps, brochures and many ideas of places you can visit. They most often also have coupons for entry to local sites. You likely have some form of a transit system buses, metro some form of public transportation.  I find this is the cheapest and easiest way to get around, no need to worry about parking.  If you ask most cities offer a one or two-day pass for all you can ride save a bit if you’re planning on many stops. Lastly, I can’t stress this enough, don’t be afraid to ask locals, especially about restaurant recommendations.

Hamilton, ON – The Innovation City

You don’t have to travel to exotic locations or dine in the fanciest of restaurants to be a traveler. Try being a local traveler. Visit local restaurants or local hidden treasures in your own neighborhood. You never know who will be traveling to your area and wants to know, where I can find the best burgers in town or the most scenic lookouts.  I am going to try some local traveling of my own and see what new things I can discover in my own home town.

There are places you remember as a kid going to and it was awesome or so boring you can really remember. Try going back and seeing if the place has changed or you have.  Although you may not have appreciated that historical tour of the museum in grade eight but now it can mean so much more.

Here’s a tour of my home town, known as the city of Waterfalls. With over 100 waterfalls and cascades the most scenic being Webster’s Falls. In addition, Tew’s Falls which flows water all year is the highest at 135ft and a width of 29.5 feet. Our waterfront also has some amazing walking trails, boating and kayaking spots. Therefore you are sure to find some great photos so make a day of it!


Tourist Spots not to miss

  1. Royal Botanical Gardens are known as the RBG, technically in Burlington but it’s a gray area where the city borders are so Hamilton claims it as its own. It is the largest botanical gardens in Canada and a national historic site. Either way, a great way to spend the day taking photos and enjoying the flower and fauna of the area.

    Hamilton Flowers
    Hamilton Flowers in Bloom
  2. Dundurn Castle, “A 40-room Italianate-style villa built in the 1830’s on Burlington Heights; the former site of a fortified military encampment established by the British in 1813. Once home to Sir Allan Napier MacNab, railway magnate, lawyer and Premier of the United Canadas (1854-1856) and his family.” Direct quote from the website, like I said I was in grade 8 and this wasn’t that interesting then so didn’t remember much.
  3. Hamilton
    HMCS Haida

Local Hamilton Restaurants

If you happen to be in this amazing city it is filled with wonderful restaurants from all cultures, Mexican to fusion, Italian, and Seafood. There may even be a Cajun one I’ll try to find it. But you can’t go wrong here in Hamilton, top 5 restaurants I highly recommend are;

  1. Mezcal – Mexican tacos and Tequila, it’s a small place located in right downtown
  2. Jack & Lois – Small Dinner at the heart of the Artist district of James St. Burgers but they change every day so you never know what the menu will be, but it is amazing
  3.  Rapscallion Rogue Eatery – Blackboard menu that pushes the boundaries, opens at 5 pm and it great for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free as well
  4.  The Burnt Tongue –  If you like soup then this is the place to stop but go early they always run out.
  5. The Mule – Mexican with a  twist, Tacos Tequila, and Bourbon, who wouldn’t want to try this

Oh, I haven’t found that ultimate burger yet but will let you know when I find it.

I may be visiting a city you’re in so please share in the comments your cities secret? Share with me your home town and the best-kept secret you have there, burgers, hotels location anything.

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