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Leaving on a Jet Plane… To Spain!

Spain Camino walking backpack

Throwback Thursday Post

Plane Tickets to Spain

We were able to book our flight to Spain. And we got a great deal for it. There is no turning back now I guess I am going for sure.  Although I did purchase the cancellation insurance! Because you never know. We fly into Madrid direct. Then we catch a train to Pamplona. We purchased our train tickets to Pamplona ahead of time. We wanted to be sure that we didn’t have to worry about getting a spot. The train ride was good, lots of sites to see. We were in the economy section which meant little to no air conditioning and fairly tight quarters. Getting to Pamplona was easy and the trip is about 3 hours from Madrid. Once in Pamplona we will stay in our first hostel, Jesus And Marie and then start walking the next day.

Albergue Jesus et Maria

This is a great place for beginners. You can get your passport there as well if you need one. It has 114 beds and last time I checked, cost 7 Eur. Facilities available on site include the following. A Camino forum with good info is

Our very first Albergue in Pamplona

W, D, @, V, Cred, Common codes you will see in most guide books.

Camino de Santiago
The first day in Pamplona, Leaving at 7 am
  1. Washing Facilities
  2. Drying Facilities
  3. Internet
  4. Vending Machine
  5. Credential

The return Trip

After walking to Santiago de Compostela and hopefully making it in enough time to stay a couple days. We then hop another train for about 5 hours back to Madrid. We didn’t buy the train tickets in advance. Instead, when we arrived in Santiago we found the Refne office beside the Pilgrims office and purchased them the day before. After such a long walk we decided to upgrade to first class for the return trip.and stay the night there and catch a flight home going through Frankfurt. It is all coming together.

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