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Learn WordPress or Marry a Tech Geek?

WordPress Travel Blogger

Yes, all by myself I started a WordPress blog. I signed up, got a name and installed everything I needed to. Then stared at it for a while until I got the courage to just start clicking buttons. That’s what it will take some times, just start playing with it and see what things do. You will quickly learn what everything means and when you don’t WordPress has a fantastic customer support live- chat to help you.

But sometimes you don’t want to wait for that chat line to become free. You’re ready to jump right in and get this blog live. If you’re like me then you’re a bit impatient and just want to get started writing fantastic blog posts (like this) for the world to see. Then everyone will love your blog and you’ll get a million followers and become a world-renowned Travel Blogger, right?  Ok hold back just a bit it will come, I hope it comes, I pray it comes but that’s beside the point. Let’s get you set up and past your first blog.

OK, first I’ll be honest I started the blog on my own but I married a tech geek long before this. So, when I come across things like SSL, it’s more like, “honey can you help with this one thing” And let’s be honest it’s never just one thing.

Maybe you don’t have a “honey” or a “dear” around and you are going to figure this out on your own, no fears you can do it.

Let’s get on WordPress

This is, after all, going to be about your story. My story started in 2013 when I needed a way to explain to people why I thought it was a clever idea to get some good hiking shoes and a backpack and start walking across Spain on a Camino Pilgrimage because they just didn’t understand. So, I started documenting my journey in a blog.

First decision any blogger needs to make is hosted or self-hosted? OMG, already a tough question I know. But simply put WordPress has or Let’s for argument sake say you are going to go with self-hosted for now. I will talk about hosting companies in another blog. Let’s just get the blog up and running, right! So that’s exactly what I did. I got it up and running now and I have this beautiful dashboard on the side of my page and some blank white plain theme.

For now, you want Just go with me on this! This is a free, easy to use blog creation site with hundreds of free themes.

Searching through the themes is a job itself it took me days to chose the free one, can you imagine how long it took to decide on one I was going to pay for, almost a month! The decisions, what did I want from my theme, just a blog, some place to write my thoughts and feelings down and maybe hope someone reads it…No! I wanted something catchy, flashy and grabs your attention before you even read a word I write.


What is in a WordPress name?

Chose your name carefully, think long term. What do you expect this to be about in ten years? I started mine as “My Camino Adventure” because frankly, I had no idea this could turn into something more. Now, my blog is all about travel tips, photography and Semi-Adventurous Travel. Think about what people search for on the internet if you want them to find you – a Keyword if you will. Does anyone really type in knitting for ladies in their 80s that have sight problems and arthritis? No, they type “knitting for old people” or “knitting with Arthritis” Either way you can see they used the same keyword here, Knitting so keep that in mind.

When I returned from my little walk (600km) I needed to rethink my page name since now I was done with that and on to the next journey. Huh, Journey, that’s a good word! Oh, I could use journey in my name, but what else? You see where I am going with this, Oh What A Journey! And presto I have a name.

A picture says a thousand words!

I hate my picture but apparently, I have a nice smile however that’s about it. But it is nice to have some good photos on your site. There are many options for getting good images and designing blog graphics out there, I use Canva to design but I maintain that over 80% of photos I use on my blog are my own (husband is also a photographer as well as the tech geek, I know, score right)

A photo can make you laugh, cry evoke an emotion you want your reader to have it also has to compliment the story, just throwing in some nice photos because they are “pretty” will turn your reader off wondering what your blog was really about.

Choosing the right photos, colour, fonts etc. is all part of a whole other topic on your brand if you want to develop one. What do you want the world to think about, funny, witty, serious, funky?

This is a gallery of photos from past blogs, some are great and some are just the right one to convey a message I was trying to write about.

Again, remember I am not an expert, yet. Just like you, I had to start somewhere, read all the tips, asking for advice. So don’t be shy, ask me anything! Send an email or better yet Subscribe to my blog and get all my little tidbit updates with some amusing stories along with it.

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